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Hillshire Farms is owned by the Sara Lee Corporation

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The Sara Lee Corporation owns Hillshire Farms

Hillshire Farms is owned by the Sara Lee Corporation

It is it's own company that owns, such brands as Archer Farms.

The symbol for Hillshire Brands Company (The) in the NYSE is: HSH.

Hillshire Farms beef sausage does not come in pork casing. They are required to list pork casing on the ingredient list of all products that use it.

As of July 2014, the market cap for Hillshire Brands Company (The) (HSH) is $7,746,343,513.20.

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The Weight Watchers lunch meat line is made by Hillshire Farms

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I looked and looked online today because I had the same question about a Beef Summer Sausage I received yesterday. To my surprise, I found NOTHING about the type of casing Hillshire used online. So I pulled up Hillshire Farms customer service number and found out that Hillshire Farms Beef Summer Sausage is packaged in beef casing. She went to say that any of their other sausages that list beef as the only meat ingredient are made with beef casing, as they would have to specify on the packaging if it were different. This ONLY goes for the Beef products. So, I would guess it's pork for any of the mixed meat sausages.

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Hillshire Farm makes smoked sausage

West Virginia Brand ham is now owned by Sara Lee and is marketed as Hillshire Farms ham.

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