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Q: What company owns Jimmy Johns?
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Is jimmy johns a public company?

Jimmy Johns is still a private company because 67% of the company is owned by one person.

Who owns jimmy dean company?

Jimmy dean my great uncle owns it but he died a couple mounths ago.

Which is bigger jimmy johns or subway?

jimmy johns subs are fast made and so good! subway is of course the runner up. jimmy johns is bigger!

Who is the owner of Papa Johns Pizza?

Jerry Jones owns Papa Johns.

Is jimmy johns open on Christmas?


Who owns St Johns insurance?

They are a privately held insurance company. Nobody owns them. St. Johns Insurance Company6675 Westwood Blvd. Westwood Center 3Suite 360Orlando, FL. 328211-866-304-7779 (toll-free) Even thou privately held here is the actual corporations that owns them: Control of the Company was maintained by its parent, St. Johns Financial Holding Company, Inc., who owned 100% of the stock issued by the Company. St. Johns Financial Holding Company, in turn, was 80% owned by St. James Financial Holding Company, Inc., and 20% owned by Seibels, Bruce & Company, a South Carolina Company. St. James Financial Holding Company was formerly known as Braishfield Holding Company, Inc. From ( Exams/StJohns12312006.pdf)

Is jimmy johns open on Christmas day?


Is subway better than jimmy johns?


Is jimmy johns open on New Year?


Are there any websites that can help me find jimmy johns coupons?

If you go to they offer Jimmy Johns coupons immediatly. You might also be able to find coupons in places like the newspaper. These are some places that I would suggest to find Jimmy Johns coupons.

What time does jimmy johns close?

10:10 Jimmy John's closes at 10 pm, but because everyone has different clock, Jimmy Johns will close at 10:10pm by their clocks just to be fair to everyone.

Who is the actress in a towel in Jimmy Johns commercial?

Meztelen Nói

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