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Frito and lays own Doritos

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Who owns Doritos?

Pepsi owns Doritos.

What company owns doritos chips?

this may sound but Missy Elliot owns doritios look up and see for yourself no lie

Where do doritos come from?

Doritos come from Frito Lay in Plano Texas. They are an original invention from the company Doritos come from Frito Lay in Plano Texas. They are an original invention from the company

Who owns lays potato chips?

Frito-Lays owns Lay's Potato Chips and they also own Doritos, Fritos etc etc

Who owns the company IZZE?

The Pepsi CO owns the company IZZE.

Who owns the Pillsbury Company?

Diageo PLC owns the Pillsbury Company

What company owns Wii?

Nintendo is the company the created and owns the Wii

What company owns kleenex?

The name of the company that owns Kleenex is Kimberley-Clark.

Who owns the Mars Bar company?

Mark Kingdrif owns the Mars Company

What company owns Fantage?

Well the company who owns fantage is Fantage inc.

Who owns alpo dog food company?

Nestle company owns Alpo dog food company.

Who owns persil?

Which Company owns Persil

Who owns Clear Wireless?

clear wireless owns 49 percent of the company and Sprint owns 51 percent of the company

What company owns Avenor?

Bowater owns Avenor

What company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles?

The Toyota company owns the Lexus brand of automobiles.

Who invented Doritos?

Invented in the mid-1960's by Arch West, an executive VP at Frito-Lay, who released them in 1966.Frito lays is the company that founded doritos

What agency handles Doritos advertising?

The "Doritos" brand of corn chips is owned by Pepsi-Co. This company have their own marketing division which handles all advertising for their brands.

Who owns ooVoo?

what do you mean "owns" as in the company or who has it ? I dont know who owns it but I have oovoo :) LMAO

Which country owns lamborghini?

Germany owns the Lamborghini company

Who owns tripadvisor.com?

A Company called Expedia owns tripadvisor.com

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