What company sold Watauga shotguns?

Wautauga was a trade name used by the Whitaker, Holtsinger Hardware Company of Morristown, Tennessee on firearms they retailed.

Folsom, a sportings goods distributor and retailer in New York, was probably the wholesaler. They did not manufacture any firearms but Crescent Firearms of Norwich, CT was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Folsom.

Folsom also distributed arms made by a variety of Belgian firms. If you can find "ELG*" in an oval mark, probably under the barrel, it is Belgian, otherwise, most likely Crescent.

Crescent operated from 1893 to 1932.

Well, Jon, everything I told greyeagle applies to your gun, too. But, being a 410 makes yours worth about twice as much - about $100-$150 depending on condition.