What companys hire felony convictions in Ohio?

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Trucking co.
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Can a 29-year-old father who was convicted of a felony when he was a 20-year-old gain custody of his children in Ohio?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nIf you have a good lawyer and proof that your the safer, more stable parent, then maybe. It would also depend on your conviction. If you are a predator of any sort then forget it. Consult a lawyer in your area. A lot of lawyers give free consultations.\n. \n . \n M ( Full Answer )

Are there any companies in Minnesota that hire people with felonies I need names of companies please?

Amicus - Reconnect . In short, yes. There is a organization called Amicus that runs a program called Reconnect which specializes in providing all the resources necessary for convicted felons to find employment and other services including housing. They have a constantly updated list of felon fr ( Full Answer )

What is a felony conviction?

Generally, a felony conviction is one for which you can receive in excess of one year imprisonment. A Felony is a serious crime in the United states and other common law areas, So being convicted of a felony is a just being accused of a crime.

Are there any companies in Columbus Ohio that hire people with felonies?

The answer is no. Once you check that box "Ever been convicted of a felony" yes, you might as well just tear it up. I have a felony from over ten years ago...recently I had worked for local retailer...and they liked my work so much they paid for management training and I was due to run my own store ( Full Answer )

What companies hire people with felony convictions in Southern California?

Use the Sources and Related links below for more information. The following companies are felony friendly Nationwide. These companies have not been verified to be felony friendly and this listing is not all inclusive and does not guarantee that you will be hired. However, I have personal experien ( Full Answer )

Will you hire me If have a felony conviction?

There are many companies that do not hire a person if they have afelony conviction. However, there are companies that will hire afelon. A person has to apply for jobs until they find a companythat will hire them.

Felony convictions and blackpowder pistols?

The previous answer is inaccurate and misguiding. A felon is not allowed to own or posses a firearm under the 1968 gun control act; however, under the provisions of this law, a weapon that was manufactured on or before 1898 or a reproduction of this weapon, as long as it does not chamber a centerfir ( Full Answer )

What companies hire convicted felons in Texas?

There are many companies that hire convicted felons in the state ofTexas such as Cintas, U-haul and the PepsiCo. The severity of thecrime and the time length that has passed will ultimately help orstop the hiring process.

Can you travel with a felony conviction?

More information is needed to answer this question. \n. \nFor example, is the person on probation or parole, and have these agencies put conditions on the person's travel? Where will the person be traveling? Many countries will decline to allow people to enter their countries depending on the ty ( Full Answer )

Can You work as a firefighter with a felony conviction?

This would largely depend on the department that you are seeking employment with as different departments in different states, and even in the same state may have vastly different policies concerning employment of individuals with past felony convictions. Your best source of information would be the ( Full Answer )

Can you become a firefighter with a felony conviction?

In most places, no. Many volunteer stations do not allow this either. However, you never know about the station you would be interested in joining or applying for until you ask. Just call an officer of the station if you can or even ask a member of the station if you know any.

How do you get hired with felonies?

I don't have an answer. Can u tell me . The only way i see an ex felon becoming a true productive citizen, is to remember what it took for them to survive in prison. NETWORKING. Unfortunately gangs are prevalant in every prison in the world. they survive because of their ability to function as one, ( Full Answer )

How would you write a statement about a old felony conviction for an employer who wants to hire you but you don't know were to start?

It depends on the purpose for this statement and whether you could bear any legal risks in writing this "statement". You might want to consult your lawyer FIRST, before putting anything in writing. In fact, I'm not sure your prospective employer has any right to even ask you to write such a stateme ( Full Answer )

What companies hire felons in akron Ohio?

Hey felons...I know it is hard to find a job, being a felon and all. The one thing you have to have is determination and focus. Factories are a rudimentary source of income whose labor is targeted to the poor and nonskilled within the communities. If you want to obtain skill, you have to go to col ( Full Answer )

What trucking company will hire a convicted ex-felon?

If you truly are an ex-felon, then the conviction was overturned, and you're no longer a felon. Thus, you should be eligible for any trucking company, provided you meet their employment criteria. If this is not your case, then you're an ex-con, but remain a felon. Carolina Cargo is probably the comp ( Full Answer )

Is it legal for any company to not hire a convicted felons?

If they spell it right out front like that, then yes they have every right not to hire a convicted felon. Some job positions have national security regulations ... someone who has severely violated the law before is not a great candidate for giving classified information. The former felon should hav ( Full Answer )

Companys that hire convicted felons in Florida?

Some jobs are restricted in Florida for convicted felons until civil rights may be restored. Other jobs you might not hope to get, based on the type of employment and the offense for which you were convicted. A link that may give you some good ideas is below, and there are additional links at tha ( Full Answer )

Can you expunge a felony conviction in Ohio?

To request the expungement of an offense from your STATE (not Federal) criminal record: You must have either been exonerated, acquited, or served the complete term of your sentence - then file a petition/motion with the court setting forth valid reason(s) why your request should be granted. A judge ( Full Answer )

Where can you get hired with a felony?

Here is an answer to a similar question from 'sdresh' who is a respected member of the wikianswers community (I have a brother who faces the same problem.); . "Where you're at: If you are still under a supervised release program, then following the direction and assistance given by a parole officer ( Full Answer )

Does General Electric hire with felony convictions?


Can someone own a firearm in Ohio if felony conviction was expunged?

Getting a conviction expunged does not restore your firearms rights. All it does is keep your conviction out of sight to the general public - you still remain a convicted felon, and thus may not own, possess, nor have access to firearms. This is federal law, and does not vary between states.

Can you erase a felony conviction?

(in the US) In many states there are procedures on filing for expungement of a criminal offense, but all states vary.

Is a DUI a felony conviction?

A first offense DUI is almost always a misdemeanor, save for a few things that may be involved such as a death. In many states, however, a DUI will become a felony offense after multiple convictions-oftentimes three but it varies.

How do you get a felony conviction reduced to a misdemeanor?

The only time this could possibly occur is during a "plea bargain" with the prosecutor PRIOR to trial and if you agree to plead guilty to the misdemeanor without going to trial. If you have already been convicted of the felony it is too late to do anything about it.

Can a convicted felony own a gun?

the chances are slim. ADDED: (in the US) Some (few) states do allow the partial restoration of firearms rights to convicted felons WHO HAVE COMPLETED THEIR SENTENCE. HOWEVER - prevailing federal law still prohibits it. If you live in one of those few states that does restore rights, you are legal ( Full Answer )

Can you leave the country with a felony conviction?

Yes. A conviction does not prohibit a person from traveling. However, if you are still on probation or parole, your travel may be restricted. Additional: Also, be advised that some nations may not grant you a visa, or entrance due to your conviction record.

Is a fourth degree conviction a felony?

The degree of a crime is relative to the crime itself and does not determine whether or not it is a felony. I.e. murder in the second degree is a class A felony and reckless burning in the second degree is a gross misdemeanor.

What do you lose when convicted of a DUI felony?

You can look forward to losing: Your car, your freedom (incarceration), large sums of money (fines and court costs), your drivers license, your job, your right to own a firearm. You could lose other things, but those were the significant ones.

How do you regain voting rights in Ohio after being convicted of a felony?

Check the below website to determine if you may qualify if you were convicted of a STATE felony offense. However, if you've been convicted of a FEDERAL offense, the state procedure will not help you. Currently there are no effective procedures in place to expunge federal offense..

What companies hires convicted felons in Orlando Florida?

county jail inmate work programs...! or mcdonalds, kfc, etc...if your lucky. in other words, once they give a person an F it stays with them the rest of their life and creates losers throughout the country... sadly this is why 50 million americans live off foodstamps and government housing...and hav ( Full Answer )