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No one really wants them; they don't need him and they're just keeping him out of sympathy (or pity).

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What comparisons does candy make between his own conditions and his dogs?

they are both old and good for nothing

Is it safe to feed dogs candy?

No, it is not! No one should be feeding dogs candy.Answer:No , it is dangerous for dogs. Dogs have high metabolism that can make them die. They could suffer diabetes

Can dogs have chocolate candy?

No, it's poison to dogs.

Can dogs have sour candy?


Can dogs eat butterscotch?

Butterscotch is candy and no candy is good for dogs because of the excessive sugar content.

Can dogs smell candy?


Can dogs eat candy bars?


Can dogs eat fruit gushers?

No no Dogs can eat any kind of candy. Unless its a Dog candy that is given to you by a vet store.

How would you classically condition a preschool child who is afraid of dogs to enjoy playing with a neighbors friendly dog?

give the child a piece a candy while he or she is with the dog

What will happen if you feed dogs candy?

Feeding dogs candy will make them sick, and depending on the size of the candy, he or she can choke on it. i wouldn't feed a dog anything humans eat, because its unhealthy.

Is candy bad for dogs?

Too much candy is bad for not only dogs, but humans as well. But I do think that Candy is especially worse for dogs since they are more sensitive to sugar. So try and not feed candy to a dog. Keep in mind you should never feed chocolate to a dog, as this can be fatal to them.

What are 4 evidences for evoluton?

Fossils, dogs, bacterial antibiotic resistance, & genetic comparisons.

Do animals eat candy?

they can but some types of candy can be harmful to them like chocolate to dogs

Can dogs eat twizzlers candy?

they probably dont suposed to but my dogs eat anything

Can dogs die by eating candy cane?


Who shoots candy dogs?

A ranch named Carson.

Can dogs eat toffee?

No! It is very bad for dogs to have candy, especially chocolate, if they get some it can be fatal!

Can dogs eat candy corn?

Probably not , they have had results of vomiting and having bad tummy aches so it is best NOT to feed your dog or others dogs candy corn! -Sydney

Can dogs have skittles?

Skittles are not toxic to dogs, but you should still refrain from giving them (or any other candy)

Is eating red licorice candy harmful to dogs?

It can be since it is a sweet.

Can dogs have chocolate flavored candy?

sure if you want them to blow chunks

What happens if your dog eats cotton candy?

~ No you dont have a funeral retard ^ Dogs can eat cotton candy, Just not grape ones ^^:

Bloat in dogs?

Yes, dogs can get bloat and it is typically considered a life-treatening condition.

What do White tailed deer need in addition to food?

octopus,dogs, and candy

Is it bad for dogs to eat pink insulation?

Not if you can convince them it's cotton candy