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What is a compound?

Compounds A compound is made up of two or more types of elements (e.g. water and carbon dioxide) that are chemically combined in a set ratio. They cannot be broken down into two or more simpler substances by physical means, only by chemical means. Properties of compounds differ from those of the ( Full Answer )

Why does c3po have a silver leg?

\n. \nC-3PO was completely covered in Gold plating in Episode III (Revenge of the Sith) as he was an Interpreter to Senators in the Galactic Senate. Somewhere between Episode III and Episode IV (A New Hope) C-3PO's left leg was implanted with a Bomb. But the leg was replaced by an unknown droid. Bu ( Full Answer )

Who is c3po?

C3-PO is a protocol droid created by Anakin Skywalker. C3-PO is in all 6 Star Wars films.

What is a compound for does not?

Does`NT. If you mean "contraction", then it's "doesn't". The two words being put together are does and not, which makes it compound, or more than one. The abbreviation goes after the "n" and replaces the "o" in "not". Thus, the word "Doesn't". Ain't is similar. I'm not sure what the first word is, ( Full Answer )

How many languages does C3PO speak?

In the movies he doesn't say an exact number, when EV-9D9 asks C3PO:" How many languages do you speak?, " C3PO answers: " I am fluent in over six million forms of communication.... " Reference: Star Wars, episode V transcripts.

What LEGO sets have C3PO in them?

There are 6 LEGO sets that contain a C-3PO Mini-figure. These sets are:. 10188 - Death Star. 4475 - Jabba's Message. 7106 - Droid Escape. 4504 - Millennium Falcon. 7190 - Millennium Falcon. 10144 - Sandcrawler

What LEGO sets can you find a gold LEGO c3po?

He is right, this is a collectors item. there would be a lo chance of buying it, because if people wanted to sell it, they would rather bid it on ebay. Real collectors would not sell them, so there is almost no chance to get one. . there are probably no more, the contest was ages ago. the only oth ( Full Answer )

What is compound subject compound verb?

A compound subject is when there are more than one subject in a sentence. (Ex. Mike and Brenda went shopping.) Mike and Brenda is the compound subject. A compound verb is when there are more than one verb in a sentence. (Ex. Mike sat down and then stood up.) Sat and stood are the verbs.

What makes a compound a compound?

A chemical compound is a substance consisting of two or more different elements bonded together in a fixed mass ratio that can be split into simpler substances.. Also visit this wikipedia page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemical_compound. Just as long as you were talking about a chemical compou ( Full Answer )

What is the compounding?

Imagine you have children or pets that have a difficult time taking medication. They spit it out or cheek it every time you give it to them. Compounding is taking that same medication and turning it into a cream, lollipop, gel or even a pet treat to make it easier for that child, pet or person to ta ( Full Answer )

Is C3PO gay?

yes the gayest!. C3PO declared his love for R2-D2 in Episode 2. He then proceeded with his love and later on married R2-D2 in the ficitional episode 7.

When was c3po in Star Wars created?

C-3PO was actually in all the movies but was created before episode I (1), which was the fourth movie created. The sequence in which the movies were made is: first:episode IV (4), second:episode V(5), third;episode VI (6), fourth:episode I (1), fifth:episode II(2), sixth:episode III (3).

How do you get a compound?

To make a compound, bond 2 or more different elements chemically. An example would be to bond iron and sulphur to make iron sulphide.

What are the compound?

\nCompounds are chemical combinations of two or more elements.\nEg. Mg + O -> MgO. (unbalanced eqn)\nThe above equation shows how the elements Magnesium and Oxygen combine to form a compound Magnesium Oxide.

Describe C3PO personalities?

Cautious, careful, he makes sure that what ever he does isn't too dangerous, and anything else that means 'cautious'.

Where is C3PO in LEGO Indiana Jones?

Play the Raiders Of The Lost Ark: The Lost Temple level. Find the room that is sealed off by metal Lego pieces. Use a bazooka or grenade in Free Play mode to reach him.

Why is the compound NaF an ionic compound?

the difference of electronegativities of sodium and fluorine is 3.1 so they form ionic bonds . the metals and non metals usually have this difference higher than 1.7 and this and higher difference is always form an ionic bond between atoms

What does C3PO stand for?

It doesn't really stand for anything. It's just the droid's designation. Every single droid has its own designation in order to be recognized

What do compounds have?

A compound has two or more elements that are chemically combined. It cannot be easily separated which means that is a homogeneous. An example of this would be Sodium Chloride (NaCl.) :)

How many solid gold c3po Lego figures were made?

10,000 were issued in 2007. all were 24.6 karats and one inch in height. they randomly inserted into star wars Lego sets. now they are widely considered the rarest Lego in existence.

What is compoundable and non-compoundable increment?

The Non-compounded increments belong to category where they are personal to the incumbents for having acquired PhD and / or MPhil degree (research degrees) whilst in service. They shall be calculated on the stage of the basic pay of incumbent at the time of acquiring such degree+AGP. then onwards th ( Full Answer )

Can C3PO be a compound?

sorry it can't be but some day scientists may find away to combineany elements in any combination to make coumpounds.

Does C3PO and R2D2 get brainwashed in the 3rd movie in Star Wars?

no, im not sure were you got that idea but they don't C3PO had his memory wiped by order of Bail Organa this was necassary if the droid fell into the wrong hands he cant be scanned for information about the twins and the jedi in hiding.

A compound differs from a mixture in that a compound?

In a compound the components are chemically bonded together so that the compound behaves as one substance, which it is. In a mixture the components are not bonded an remain chemically distinct.

What is a compound and how are compounds related to molecules?

A chemical compound is a pure chemical substance that consists of two or more different chemical elements which can be separated into simpler substances by a chemical reaction. A molecule is the smallest unit of a compound.

Is the word 'compound' a compound word?

No. Compound is not a compound word because if you try to separate it, you would get com & pound . Com is not a word (the com in a website does not qualify as a word).

Why does c3po and R2D2 don't have weapons?

They are astro and protocol droids and they are not programed for combat, even though R2 can shock, spray oil then burn the enemy, and many other tactics but they just aren't programed for combat as I have already said.

Who would win Eve or C3PO?

Well since C-3PO doesn't have any weapons and EVE does, then it would have to be EVE.

What are the compound word and compound noun?

A compound word is a word that is formed by joining two or morewords that forms a word with a meaning of its own. A compound wordis usually an adjective, an adverb, or a noun. A compound noun is a noun formed by joining two or more words thatforms a noun with a meaning of its own. Examples of comp ( Full Answer )

Who was inside the C3PO costume in Star Wars?

C3PO was "played" by Anthony Daniels. He is an English actor born in 1946. He has also done voice over work in the "Lord of the Rings" series and was also in the show "Prime Suspect".

What is a compound subject and a compound object?

A compound subject is when two or more individual noun phrases are coordinated to form a single larger noun. A compound object is a concept of ORE Model allowing to associate an identity with compound digital object.

What a compound is?

A compound is something that is made by mixing two or more ingredients or elements.

What do organic compounds that inorganic compounds do not?

Traditionally organic compounds are considered compounds containing carbon but today this rule is not valid: inorganic substances as carbonates, carbides etc. contain also carbon. The chemistry of carbon is frequently appreciated as the chemistry of life.

What a compound is and how compounds are formed?

Compounds are made by elements bonding together. They are represented by the chemical formula. The chemical formula shows the elements and their ratios in the compound.

What is a compound-?

The definition for the word compound is a thing that is composed oftwo or more separate elements; a mixture.