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This compound is the hydrogen fluoride HF.

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Sodium and fluorine will form an ionic compound named sodium fluoride with the formula NaF.

The hydrogen fluoride (HF) is formed.

The type of bonding between a hydrogen atom and a fluorine atom is ionic bonding. The name of the compound that is formed is hydrogen fluoride, with the formula HF.

Inter molecular hydrogen bond OS present between H-F.

This compound is hydrogen fluoride (HF).

No, water is a compound formed by sharing electrons between hydrogen and oxygen. It has nothing to do with nitrogen.

CaF2. Calcium forms divalent cations and fluorine forms monovalent anions.

Lithium and fluorine react together to form lithium fluoride which is an ionic compound.

When hydrogen burns, water is formed.

The chemical formula for the compound formed from beryllium and fluorine is BeF2, which is called beryllium fluoride.

Barium and fluorine combine to form barium fluoride.

Lithium fluoride is the compound formed as a result of this reaction: LiF is the formula.

H2 + S -> H2S hydrogen + sulphur -> hydrogen sulphide

The compound (water) is formed by chemical bonds between H and O.The mixture hasn't chemical bonds.

This compound (calcium fluoride) is formed from calcium and fluorine.

The compound formed when Fluorine and Sodium reacts, Sodium Fluoride, is ionic. Ionic compounds are formed when a non-metal, such as Fluorine, reacts with a metal, such as Sodium.

The compound formed when hydrogen and chlorine combine is hydrogen chloride, with formula HCl. In pure form, this compound has highly polar covalent bonds, but when dissolved in water, the compound ionizes.

Covalent. The bond is polar due to the high electronegativity of fluorine.

NO! the requirement is for hydrogen to be bonded to a very electronegative atom such as oxygen or fluorine. Alkanes, e.g. C2H6, contain C-H bonds and there are no hydrogen bonds.

When lithium and fluorine react, they form an ionic compound - lithium fluoride (LiF).

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