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The opposite of an acid
is a base.

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Q: What compound is the chemical opposite of an acid?
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Is acetic acid a mixture or a compound?

Acetic acid (CH3COOH) is a compound.

Is hydrochloric acid a compound mixture or a element?

Hydrochloric acid has the chemical formula HCl. It is a compound.

Does an acid have fixed compositions?

An acid is a chemical compound.

How is a formic acid a compound?

By definition, any covalent chemical is a compound. Formic acid is a covalent chemical (specifically, a monoprotic organic acid CHOOH).

What is the opposite of compound?

The opposite status of a chemical compound could be an element, or a mixture. The opposite of the adjective compound (multiple) could be single. For sentences, the opposite of a compound sentence is a simple sentence.

Sulphurous acid is a physical or chemical reaction?

Sulphurous acid is not a reaction (chemical or physical); the sulphurous acid (H2SO3) is a chemical compound.

What is the chemical compound for phosphoric acid?


What is the chemical compound H2Cr2O7?

Dichromic Acid

What is the compound name for HC2H3O2?

The name of this chemical compound is Hydrogen acetate, or acetic acid.

Is oleic acid a compound?

Oleic Acid is a Chemical Compound. It is an unsaturated fatty acid that is the most widely distributed and abundant fatty acid in nature.

What is the solute of muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid is a chemical compound (HCl) not a solution and, being a compound, it does not have a solvent and solute.

What is the chemical symbol for chloric acid?

Atoms have chemical symbols, but chloric acid is a compound and therefore has a chemical formula instead. Chloric acid's formula is HClO3.