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The biggest one: Lithium Tetrahydrido Aluminate LiH4Al ---> this one actually EXPLODES!

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Does iron react violently with water?

NO iron doesnot react violently with water. its a very slow reaction.

Does Argon React violently with water?

Argon is chemically inert. It does not react with water.

What does sodium react with?

Sodium is so reactive it is usually found in compounds. It reacts most violently with water, creating sodium hydroxide.

Would Argon React violently with water?

Argon is chemically inert. It does not react with water.

Does sodium react violently with water?


Will sodium react with water?

Yes, violently.

Rubidium put in water?

Rubidium react violently with water.

Is caesium soluble in water?

Caesium react violently with water !

How do alkali metals react to cold water?

alkali metals react violently in cold water

Does water react with sodium?

Yes, sodium reacts violently with water.

Do metals react violently with water?

No, water has a neutral pH of 7.

Why does sodium react violently with water?

because sodium is unstable

What does lithium react with?

Lithium reacts vigorously (but not violently) with water.

Is alkaline soluble?

Alkali metals violently react with water.

Will lithium float or sink in water?

Lithium will react violently with water. Do not put it in water

Can F2 dissolve in water?

Fluorine don't dissolve in water but react violently with water.

Water molecules are a reactant for?

For example water react violently with alkali metals.

Does francium explode in water?

All alkali metals react violently with water.

What chemicals react with water?

Many different chemicals react with water. Of the elements, we know that the alkali and alkaline earth metals will react with water, and some violently.

Do sodium ion react with water?

Sodium ion exist in water as the product of a dissociation; sodium (metal) react violently with water

What elements react violently with water and hydrochloric acid?

The Elements that react violently with Both water and Hydrocloric acid are: * Lithium * Sodium * Potassium * Rubidium * Caesium * Francium Otherwise known as the Alkali Metals.

Is sodium and potassium react violently with water a chemical change?

Sodium and potassium reacting violently with water is a chemical reaction, causing a chemical change.

Why can you not dig up pure sodium metal?

Sodium is to reactive to occur in its elemental form in nature. It will react rapidly with oxygen and nitrogen in air and will react violently with water. The only effective way of extracting sodium from its compounds is electrolysis.

Does sodium react?

Yes, it reacts with the oxygen in the air and water very violently.

Metals react with water violently Is this a physical or a chemical property?

it is a chemical property