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What comprises a local chapter of an organization?


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The local chapter of an organization, obviously is part of a national or international group of people who comply to the same guidelines, mission, and purpose. The local chapter is obliged to meet certain standards and criteria. The local chapter would be comprised of a set of officers or directors, and at-large members from in and around their geographic area who share the common interest of the national or international mother organziation. Local chapters would meet on a regular basis to promote the goals of the organization or hold sessions or event with relevant topics.


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CHAPTER is the correct spelling, for a book section or a local unit of an organization.

They do have overlapping meanings, yes. A chapter of an organization is a kind of unit, like the local chapter of the horticultural society.

A chapter can refer to a division of a book. It also refers to a branch of a larger organization, such as the local chapter of the Lions Club, or the local chapter of a political party. It can also refer to a distinct part of a person's life.

A local organization is very simply defined. A local organization is one that is in the general area near you.

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Google Order of the Eastern Star and your state. That will take you to the state Grand Chapter. The state organization will list the local chapters and the officers. Email one. OR Call the local masonic hall (lodge, temple) and ask about how to contact the local chapter. They are all out in public and most will be willing to talk to you.

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Contact the local cement worker's or construction union and inquire about charitable donations, or you may be able to contact the local chapter of Goodwill, an organization that often supplies training and tools for the recently released to find work.

An art organization is an organization that exists for the promotion of the arts. They may sponsor exhibitions and classes in the local area.

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There are 9 different chapter across the United States that are part of the Bright Pink organization. The Bright Pink Organization supports breast cancer awareness.

Just like a book a chapter is only one part of a whole. A motorcycle club chapter is a local group of much larger club.

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