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What computer packages can be used to draw a product in CAD?

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Because CAD is computer aided design, any drawing program can be used to draw a product. Typically, vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator are used to make 2D product drawings. 3D representations of products can be created in AutoCad, Ansys, Rhino3D, or other modeling programs.

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What is the tool used on a computer to draw a circle?

Circle Tool.

Computer-aided design is primarily used by?

By product designers. It can also be used by engineers or architects.

What is one use of a computer in a post office?

A computer may be used to keep shipping registries, track packages, or store mailing lists.

What are the relevance of computer to engineering?

Engineering is one of successful professionals in the world which can receive a big amount of salary. Traditionally, engineers used their hands to draw to make a layout of their product but it consumes a large time, and now engineers used computer to create a layout with much greater result.

What are the uses of computer aided drafting?

it is used to draw 2d&3d views.

What is used to identified packages containing hazardous material?

Packages containing hazardous materials are identified by the appropriate square-on-point hazard labels, if they are moving in transportation, and by product labels and package markings.

Is there a difference between computer engineering and computer engineering technology If so what is it?

Computer engineering technology is the product and concepts that is used in computer engineering.

Can you use the same windows product key on a different computer if you install from the same xp CD?

A product key should be used ONLY for 1 computer. The product key should not be used more than once. However, if you have used a product key more than once, the product key can be changed without re-installing the operating system.

What are the uses of light pen?

The light pen is used to draw objects on a CRT computer screen. They are also used to display objects over computer devices.

Is Microsoft Visio an UML?

UML is visual language - various rectangles, ovals, lines, arrows, etc. each having special meaning and used to draw different diagrams.Microsof Visio is software product that you can purchase to draw UML diagrams on your computer. There are many other UML tools that you can get even for free to draw UML diagrams. Or you can draw UML diagrams with a pencil on a piece of paper.

What is the CPU of an emachines computer?

eMachines is a line of computers, not a specific computer. The product line used a variety of processors.

What is is a stlyus?

Its like a pen but with no ink. Its used to select options or draw on touch screen computer devices.

What is graphic tablet used for?

A graphic tablet is a computer input device that allows you to hand-draw images and graphics, similar to the way you can draw images with a pencil and paper.

How do you write absolute value?

Draw parentheses expect draw them up and down instead of curved. It look like this: lXl (on the computer I used lowercase L's for lines)

Why is the computer the most pervasive product of the digital age?

it is used in all digital technologies.

What is the input device used in CAD?

'Plotter' is the input device used in Computer Aided Designs(CAD). 'Corel draw' is the main application software used for it.

What is used for space exploration in everyday life spinoff beneficial product tool or resource?


What is CAM used for?

CAM is a computer based software and is mainly seen as CAD/CAM. CAD is a software that designs the product, where as CAM is used to actually make the product that is on the CAD. to find out more, go onto wikipedia and type in Computer Aided Manufacturing.

What is Corel draw x4 used for?

Corel draw x4 is a great computer program used for creating and editing photographic images. It is often compared to Photoshop, as it is very helpful for people looking for a great photo editing program.

What can I use a 16gb usher stick for?

Such a product is used to transfer computer files from one computer to another. They are also sometimes used for safe storage of important documents, videos, or photos.

What allows you to write on screen with digital pen and convert to PC info?

A light pen can be used to draw on a computer screen.

What is collective single part drawing?

A collective single part drawing is a common chart used in mechanical engineering. It is used to draw out and label parts of a product that will be made.

Why is the computer the most visible and pervasive product of the digital age?

a. computers are used in all digital technologies.

What is penpower?

PenPower is a product that is meant to teach people how to read, speak, and write Chinese. This product is used on a computer and does not include any textbook or paper materials.

What is the equipment used before cad?

cad is Computer aided design. Before CAD people needed to draw everything by hand.