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She was sent with her two daughters to Auschwitz. However, in October 1944 Anne and Margot were transferred to Bergen-Belsen, while their mother had to stay at Auschwitz, where she died of starvation on January 6, 1944.

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Who is Mrs Frank in Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank?

Her mother, Edith Frank.

What was Edith frank good at?

edith frank was good at cooking and mending clothes.(Even though Mrs Ven Daan wanted to do all of these things!)

What is Mrs Franks first name in The diary of Anne Frank?

Her name was Edith in the diary of anne frank.

What is the first names of Mr Franks and Mrs Franks?

Otto and Edith Frank

What happended to Mrs. Van Daan after she was sent to the concentration camp?

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Who were the eight people in the Secret Annex?

Anne, Margot, Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel

How many people were in the secret annex?

Eight: Annaliese-Marie Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Peter Van Daan, Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, and Mr. Dussel

What concentration camp was everyone sent to in the secret annex?

Well, I know that Peter Van Pels, Otto Frank, and Edith Frank were all sent to Auschwitz. Anne Frank and Margot started off a Auschwitz too, but then they were shipped off to Bergen-Belsen. Mrs. and Mr. Van Pels I am not too sure about that much, But I think they went to Auschwitz.I hope I helped you alot!God Bless

How did mrs van pel die in the concentration camp?

he got raped and shot

Examples of concentraion camps during the Holocaust?

Examples of concentration camps during the holocaust are Bergen- Belsen and Aushwitz. This are the most well known concentration camps. Also in Bergen- Belsen Anne and Margot Frank died. Anne in March of 1945. Margot in eather the end of Febuary or early march 1945. In Aushwitz Mrs. Edith Frank died on January 6th 1945. Only ten days later the camp was liberated.

Who was in the house with Anne Frank?

Fritz Pfeffer Patter van Pels Mr. van Pels Mrs. van Pels Edith Frank Otto Frank Anne Frank Margot Frank

Who was Anne Frank living with?

Mr. and Mrs. Van Daan, Otto Frank (her father), Edith Frank (her mother), Margot Frank (her sister), Mr. (Albert) Dussel,  and Peter Van Daan

Who were the people living with Anne Frank in the annex?

Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, Peter Van Pels, Margot Frank, Edith Frank, Otto Frank and a dentist friend.

What is the ending of the diary of Anne Frank?

anne margot peter mrs van daan mr van daan and mrs frank all die in the concentration camps

What was Edith Frank's opinion of the situation her family were in?

Edith Frank became deeply depressed while living in the Secret Annex. She confided in Miep, who was a sympathetic listener. Mrs. Frank felt that none of them would survive the war. Miep said later that if anyone had a premonition of how badly it would all turn out, it was Mrs. Frank. The Frank girls were frequently criticized by Mrs. van Pels, which deeply upset Mrs. Frank. She was also disgusted at the flirtatious manner Mrs. van Pels displayed toward Mr. Frank. Even before the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, Mrs. Frank missed her former life in Germany. She never quite succeeded in learning the Dutch language, so German was spoken in the Frank home.

Anne Frank what made her famous?

Anne Frank is famous because she hid from the Nazis for two years in a attic she called the Annex. While those years passed, she wrote in a diary of how life was then. Anne fell in love, suffered, and wished of fresh air. Sadly, the Nazis found her, and put all 8 residents of the Annex in a concentration camp. Two of the men bringing food and supplies for the resident of the attic, were arrested. (8 residents: Peter van Daan, Mrs. and Mr. van Daan, Albert Dussel, Anne Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, and Margot Frank)

Who else hid there with the frank family?

It was Otto, Edith, Margo, and Anne Frank, but Fritz Pfeffer, Mr. Van Pels, Mrs. Van Pels, and Peter Van Pels did also.

Who is Mouschi in the Diary of Anne Frank?

Mouschi is Peters Cat, who also lived in the Annex with, Anne Frank Margot Frank Edith Frank Otto Frank Fritz Pffefer< Mr. Dussle> Mrs. Van Pels < Mrs. Van Daan> Mr. Van Pels < Mr. Van Daan> Peter Van Pels < Peter Van Daan>

Who did Anne Frank have to go into hiding with?

Anne Frank had to go into hiding Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Mrs. Van Dan, Mr. Van Dan, Peter Van Dan, and Dussel (The names are the ones used in the Diary of a Young Girl)

After anne frank and her family got arrested which concentration camp did they get sent to?

They all went to Auschwitz in Poland. Some stayed and some went to different ones, like Anne, Margot, and Mrs. van Pels, they went to Bergen-Belsen.

Who did Anne Frank stay with in the secret annex?

Anne Frank stayed with her mother, Edith, her father, Otto, her sister Margot, Mr + Mrs Van Daan and their son Peter and a dentist called Mr Dusell xxxIn an attempt to escape detection by the Nazis, who were rounding up Jewish people and transporting them to concentration camps where they were killed.

What are the names of the people in hiding with Anne Frank?

The people in hiding with Anne Frank during the Holocaust are Mr. Otto Frank, Mrs. Edith Frank, Margot Frank, Mr. Hans Van Daan, Mrs. Petronella Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Mr. Albert Dussel.They were... Otto Frank, Anne's fatherEdith Frank, her motherMargot Frank, Anne's older sisterHermann van Pels (Anne changed the last name to van Daan in her diary)Auguste van PelsPeter van PelsFritz Pfeffer, a dentistOtto Frank was the only person to survive the war.

When was anne frank put into a concentration camp?

After being arrested on August 4, 1944, the hiders from the annex were sent to Westerbork, a "transit" camp. They were there one month. On September 3rd, they were sent ot Auschwitz, arriving there on September 6th. Anne, Margot and Mrs. van Pels were later sent to Bergen-Belsen.

Who was with Anne Frank?

Her Mother Edith, Father Otto, Sister Margot, Mr & Mrs Van Daan, Peter Van Daan, and Fritz Pfeffer.

Who is Mrs Frank?

Mrs. frank is the mother of Anne and Margot frank. she is the wife of Otto frank.

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