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I it has too many raw eggs, it could give you salmonella

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Q: What conditions can pancake batter make you sick?
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Is it safe to eat pancake batter?

Yes and no, U can eat a lick or two without becoming sick. But consuming large amounts can lead to getting sick because of the raw egg in it. So I guess it depends on how much you eat any think more then a couple spoon fools might make you have a stomach ache.

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no antibiotic should not make us sick,it will make us sick when it will be overused

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anything can make you sick

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Psychosomatic illnesses are illnesses where the persons thoughts about being sick actually make the person sick. If you truly believe that something will make you sick, it is possible that you will become ill.

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Beans do not make everyone sick. They may make you feel sick because you may be allergic to the beans.

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