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Snails can be found in almost any habitat, including deserts and mountains. They prefer humid conditions that are not too hot.

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What conditions do slugs and snails live in?

snails and slugs like to live in wet, dry or moist areas and the conditions are will nothing really but it depends if they live in land or not you'll find them in plants, leaves(decaying leaves), pots or other objects

What kind of conditions do water snails live in?


What do snails not like?

snails do not like bark asexually pointed bits.spiders kill snails so keep snails away from ants or spiders.

What do blue snails look like?

blue snails look like snails but the slimy bit of the snail is blue

Do snails prefer light or dark conditions?

Dark and damp

Do snails like other snails?

Yes, snails are fine with other snails, as long as the aquarium isn't crowded.

How do snails feel like?

Snails feel slimy.

Do snails like water?

yes many snails like the water but a few of them dont

Where do snails like to go?

Snails like to go into cracks beween rocks in groups.

Why do snails like rain?

Snails like rain because they need to stay wet.

How do banana snails protect themselves?

banana snails like other snails have shells to protect them.

Who buys snails?

Anyone who likes snails like to buy them.

What do snails and slugs like to eat and drink?

my garden snails like to eat water melon,cucumber,lettice,corrots and bananas.My snails like to drink water.

Do snails like heat?

Snails dont like too much heat because they will dry out.

What part of grass do snails like?

snails like to eat the stalk and sides of the grass blades.

What do snails live on?

snails mostly live on vegetables like lettuce.

How do snails surive in their habitat?

because it is damp and snails like dampness

Do chemicals kill slugs and snails?

Chemicals like salt, and other acids kill snails. I don't like it that snails are so fragile, but god chooses who dies, how they die, and when they will die. I love snails!!!!!

Do snails like people?

There really is no way to know if snails like people. Some snails kept as pets will climb on people and do not seem to be afraid of people.

Do snails have a foot?

snails are a foot. they have seven feet No they do not. They move like slugs.

How do sea snails breathe?

sea snails breathe by breathing in and out like humans

You found snails on your porch what kind are they?

Porch snails like Gary in Spongebob!!

Do they eat pancakes and snails together?

no because Selena Gomez does not like snails!

Do snails like wood?

Snails eat anything that u put in salad

Do snails like to sleep high or low places?

Snails like to sleep upside down, high up.

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