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Answer: Goat survival

A full grown goat just a food and water source, goats will eat anything weeds flowers ropes always use a chain to tie them up.

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The answer above sucks! Goats WON'T eat "anything", if they have a choice. Goats browse, like deer. They don't graze, like cows. A sure way to kill a goat is to provide it nothing to eat except grass. (Or just about any single food source) It messes their digestive system up. Yes, if it's not contained, a goat will eat a wide variety of plants. That's how they've evolved. Mine especially like rose leaves - if they can reach them. Second to that they like cultivated grape leaves. They eat a variety to meet their nutritional requirements, but they won't eat just anything. Most times they won't even eat hay off the ground, and never if it's soiled. They should have access to minerals (a salt block w/ minerals is great) If you tie a goat, which I don't advise, you should check on it periodically. A goat will easily tangle itself so it can't move anywhere, or, it'll pull to the end of the tie, and WON'T be able to move anywhere. In addition, goats need some sort of cover from the rain, and depending on your location, perhaps some shelter from cold weather. They do need a decent amount of clean water, about like a large dog. They're not a lot of trouble, but do take some effort to raise properly and are a responsibility.

Depending on the breed, DON'T give them too much corn. Corn is a substance their several stomachs are just not designed to use. Give them dried corn if you have to give it, but if you have to feed them corn, (my personal opinion: WmWaugh: is that you are doing something wrong with the growing of goats.

Then another answer:

Total agreed with answer II, answer I just as Answer II says, sort of sucks; it does not have a whole lot to do with goats. (Regarding the previous comment: my goats prefer any nursery plant, which costs a lot and requires a lot of effort to get into the dirt. So I agree with the guy who had goats who did more than eat cloths from a clothesline. The preferred plant of choice for a goat is the most expensive, other than that, there's a lot of literature on goat browse.... As previously said not the same as grazzing.

And they really don't eat cans... Of course, they for sure can and will eat glue and paper wrapped around the cans when presented and YOU have not been feeding them properly.

Goats are the best idea that the small farmer never had.

Goats are the major source of red meat in the entire world.

Goggle goats: there's a lot more than Cartoons to this animal which has been here with us prior to Disney.


I happen to have two Nigerian dwarf kids, and know exactly what they need.

1.You need a place to keep them. Make sure you check with your neighbors before getting a goat. They are very loud, espically in the morning when they want food. They need a fenced in area, that allows room for a shelter,and for them to run around and be themselves.

2.You need some goat feed, that you can find at your local farming or pet store, but goats will also eat leaves, grass, and anything they find0 in fact they even eat my chicken's scratch feed!

3. You need water. Goats can not live without water

4.You will need Dewormer. You will need to worm them at the beginning of each month.

5.You need either chickens, guineas, or SAFE tick spray. Goats hate ticks, and ticks love goats! need a shelter, and a few climbing toys they can jump on.

7. Finally , you need to give them attention. Goats are VERY friendly, and socialable creatures. You need to love them, and play with them.

Tip- If you are interested in getting a goat, make sure you do plenty of research first. You will need to make sure that you are happy ith your goat.

Have fun, and I know, if you follow these rules- your goats will love you, and you will love them.


Then another answer:


to keep livestock, in my case goats and chickens for milk and eggs, not for meat or wool, you need a a DEFRA Holding number. you get this for free by forwarding the following details to to

1) Your name.

2) Your address.

3) Your Land Based Address(es)

4) Whether you own or rent the land (if so how long is the tenancy)

5) Your contact telephone numbers.

6) Your representatives (if any).

cost: dairy goats usually cost between £150 and £250. male dairy goats are about £50. i got contacts of dairy farms from the british goat association's web page. i found many pet dwarf goats on pet pages online (about £40) but these do not produce much milk, though are very friendly and loveable.

billies: aggressive billies stink of semen and urine and can poke your eyes out if they have horns as well as mounting constantly, so need a separate pen. I'm breeding for pets so shall debud and castrate billies.

milk: the quality of the milk depends on what you feed the goat. I'll buy special high nutrient feed for milking does prior to fertilisation. if storing, pasteurise by boiling then cooling rapidly in a bucket of ice. goat milk is highest in fat of the dairy animals. once fertilised a dairy goat will produce milk for 2 years and needs milking twice a day to feel comfortable, about 3 litres of milk a day. I'm breeding dairy with Nigerian pygmy to get mini-dairy goats by artificial insemination.

care: goats are not hardy and need a draught-proof shed and a straw bed. they drink clean mains tap water. i am going to toilet train my kids so they can be pet house goats. they are browsers (bushes) not grazers (grass) so eat goat feed for about £5/week (I'm also going to grow brambles and vegetables for us) and need exercise, e.g. logs to jump off if kept in a back garden. get rid of poisonous plants like privet and rhododendron. 2 meter high walls are good to keep them in, though they are famous for getting out of enclosures by jumping and using handles. they are clever, social animals and the second to be domesticated after the dog so need company. they need vaccinations by a farm vet, then defleaing, hoof-trimming, deworming which you can do yourself.

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Q: What conditions does a goat require to survive?
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