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Q: What conditions for 5 star hotel?
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What is the definition of a 5-star hotel?

definition of 5 star hotel

What is the difference between a 3 star hotel and an 5 star hotel?

There wont be $hit on the walls in a 5 star hotel

Is the La Siesta hotel in Djibouti a 5 star hotel?

La Siesta Hotel in Djibouti is a 4 star and not a 5 star.

Who are the customers of 5 star hotel?

you diddnt answer my question.who are the customers of 5 star hotel?

Which 5 star hotel is in Madagascar?

this is a hotel that has been rated as a 5 star property

Why is 5 star hotel called 5 star?

Independant Hotel Inspectors have rated the hotel 5 Stars for, Comfort, Cleanliness, facilities and luxury.

Is the price for a 5 Star hotel more then a regular hotel?

Yes, The price to stay at a 5 star hotel is more than a regular hotel. This is because you are paying for a better quality place to stay at. The price for a 5 star hotel includes better services than a regular hotel.

Is Leela palace in Bangalore a 7 star hotel?

No it is a 5 star hotel

Is jw marriott a seven star hotel?

No....itz a 5 star hotel

What star hotel was Holbeck Hall Hotel?

It was a five star hotel. Some people think its 4 but it is 5!

Is the Ritz hotel in London a 5 star hotel?

It's a five red star (Inspector's choice) hotel.

What are the international standards for five-star hotel?

what are the standard regulations of a 5 star hotel

How the reception service should be in 5star hotel?

5 star hotel service must be good. but not all 5 star hotel's service is the same, it depends on the management.

Do you say 5 star hotel or 5 stars hotel?

You say "5-star" - this works as an adjective, like "20-dollar note" or "5-day holiday".

What is the highest star hotel in the world?


What do Washington hotels typically charge per night?

Washington hotels have many prices. Depending on the rated hotel, such as a range from 2 star hotel or a 5 star hotel, one could pay a cheap price of $50 a night for a 2 star hotel. Or $130 for a 5 star rated hotel in Washington.

What is the differences between 5 star 4 star 3 star 2 star and one star hotel?

5 Star Hotels are more popular as one star hotels are just those undeveloped ones. A 5 Star hotel would be Best Western for example.

Is Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai 7 star hotel?

no they can only go up to 5 star

Why raffles hotel most prevalent?

raffles hotel 5 star luxry hotel

What is the different between 1 star hotel and 5 star hotel?

5 star has better facilties and it is also more costly,however its very luxuroius and you get everything you want.

How many 5 star hotels in Nepal and what are they?

how many 5 star hotel in nepal

What is the definition of first class hotel?

A 4 or 5 star hotel.

Where can I find a 5 star hotel in Florida?

You can find a 5 star hotel in Florida by searching online using a travel sight such as Expedia, Travelocity or another site. Also, by using a search engine like google for the term "5 star hotel in Flordia"

Is Le meridian new Delhi is 7 star hotel?

No,it is a 5 star hotel,it is very rare for a Hotel with that class to become a 7 star hotel,one of the prestigious 7 Star Hotels is Burj al Arab in Dubai.

What is considered to be the best hotel in Geneva?

The Grand Hotel in Kempinski Geneva, is a 5 star luxury Spa & Fitness hotel in Geneva Switzerland. The Four Seasons Hotel is also a top rated 5 star luxury hotel in Geneva.