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shes happy but scared because she doesnt want to tell her parents shes in love with a montegue

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she is just the nurse of Juliet

To Juliet, Nurse is like her friend. But Nurse is her caregiver, she raised and nurse her.

Juliet feels sad and confused. She married Romeo, and had killed her cousin and she does not know what to do.

because the nurse is big fat and ugly and has no friends and orderes juliet around that is why she is angry at the nurse

the nurse is the messagner to romeo and juliet.. juliet is so exicted she wants to know when she is getting married to juliet..

Yes, the nurse did have a friendship with Juliet as she knew everything about Romeo and Juliet. And she would tell Juliet when her mom is coming when Juliet was doing something she wasn't supposed to do. So yes the nurse was friends with Juliet.

Nurse helped Romeo and Juliet because she loves Juliet. Juliet didn't want to marry Paris and Nurse stood by her (at first). Nurse was the one who raised Juliet and she cares about her. Juliet is hurt when Nurse betrays her by advising her to marry Paris after Romeo was banished.

the nurse is a dramatic foil for Juliet for several reasons:the nurse is old while Juliet is youngthe nurse is simple while Juliet is complexthe nurse is practical while Juliet is romanticthe nurse has been married and had a child while Juliet is still young and innocentthese things make these 2 characters dramatic foils

To Juliet, Nurse is like her best friend. But Nurse is her caregiver, she raised and nursed her.

the nurse has been taking care of juliet since she was a baby. nurse has a more deep relationship with juliet than Lady Capulet.

No, the nurse does not die in the Romeo and Juliet Play.

Juliet tells nurse she is going to go to confession.

In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet was cared for by her nurse as a child. In the play, she is simply referred to as The Nurse.

the nurse in the story is her best friend because the nurse has taken care of her since she was a young girl and she tells and gives Juliet advice and is always on the side of Juliet. Juliet has only her nurse to talk to of her problems and the nurse is more of a mother to her

Juliet does not tell her nurse about the potion, as the nurse advises Juliet in a previous scene (act 3, scene 5) to forget Romeo and marry Paris. Juliet takes this as betrayal and swears never to trust the nurse again. Which is why, when the friar gives Juliet the potion, Juliet does NOT tell the nurse. Okay. That's it.

when juliet and the nurse are talking juliet starts talking bad about romeo. but when the nurse starts talking bad about romeo juliet gets very defensive very fast and that is what upset her.

what important information does the nurse bring to juliet

The nurse loves Juliet and cares for her more than her own mother does.

The Nurse promises Juliet that she will go find Romeo and talk to him for her

Romeo wants the nurse to tell Juliet where to go to marry him.

The Nurse, who came to wake Juliet up for her wedding.

Juliet is of a higher class, while the Nurse isn't at allJuliet is more sophisticated, while the nurse is more simple and makes vulgar jokesJuliet is young, the Nurse is oldThere are quite a few more, but you can start there (:

The answer is both, Yes and No. The term 'Nurse' that Shakespeare uses in Romeo and Juliet, does NOT refer to what we, in modern times, call a Nurse (as in a Medical Nurse). Another meaning of 'Nurse' is a Lady in Waiting (a Valet for a woman) or more simply put, a Woman's Personal Servant/Maid. Typically speaking ALL, and usually ONLY, wealthy women had a 'Nurse' or 'Nurse-maid' at that time. But that is not the meaning of Nurse in Romeo and Juliet. This Nurse was Juliet's wet-nurse, which means that Juliet fed as a baby from the breasts of the Nurse rather than from her mother. The nurse remembers in Act 1 Scene 3 that it was eleven years since Juliet was weaned (stopped breastfeeding) because the Nurse put bitter wormwood on her nipple to make it taste bad to Juliet. She has continued as a servant since but is remembered as a Nurse and has a special relationship with Juliet.