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for small LANS use a switch, for two or more a router is needed

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What connection device do you use for small LAN For two or more connected network?

For a small LAN network, a switch is best. To connect two or more LAN networks, a router is required.

What connecting device do you use for small LAN?

Switch for small LAN, Router for two or more

What connecting device do you use for a small LAN?

For small networks, hubs are sufficient.

What connecting device do you use for a small LAN as it pertains to two or more connected networks?

When connecting multiple networks, one uses a bridge.

Define how to be configure 100 PC at internate?

Answer: purchase high speed internet connection brodband. use two lan card on this PC. and one lan card connect directly internet connection wire. and another lan card wire connect in swith and share internet connection and then use.

Can the 27 inch iMac use LAN connection?

Yes, with no problem.

Is it possible to create a LAN connection with a PC to laptop and how?

A LAN connection usually goes through a network connectivity device, such as a hub or switch or a router. If you want to go directly from a PC desktop to a laptop use a cross-over cable to connect the two devices and configure the network settings appropriately.

A corporate lan must use which device to gain access to the internet?


Can you use ipod touch with a LAN connection?

unless that lan is connected to a router that is connected to a modem that can access internet... it would make no sense

How canbe connected two computer without LAN connection?

use hub and switch

7 What connecting device do you use for a small LAN?

It's called a switch. Many wireless routers have a 4-port switch. Also you can purchase a switch separately.

What type of connection media can be used for a lan?

cheap and simple connection use utp if noise or interference have to consider then co-axial

State and compare internetworking device used to connect different LAN segments?

An Internet working device used to connect different LAN segments is called a Modem. A Modem can be either hard wired to the computer or use a Wi-Fi connection to connect to the computer. Dial up Modems were also used that ran through telephone lines.

What are the uses for a Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair cable?

People use such cables for LAN connection

What is different between router and routing?

*router is a device use to route communication or connection *routing is the process *router is a device use to route communication or connection *routing is the process

What connecting device do you use for a small LAN for two or more connected networks?

For a small LAN network, a switch is best. To connect two or more LAN networks, a router is required. (2) From Jean Andrews CompTIA A+ sixth edition (page #852): You can use a crossover cable to connect to computers without a switch or hub making it the simplest network of all. For two or more you will need a switch, hub, or router.

What type of network is most suitable for use in small office?


How do you set multiplayer game on Age of Empires 2 with a friend?

Have the same internet connection or use LAN

Should you use a printer capable of wired lan and wireless lan in wireless lan mode?

Sure, why not? But more specifically, it depends on how you want to use your printer. If you don't mind leaving it on all the time and feel comfortable entering the wireless LAN settings, then this is probably the best option. Then you have complete mobility with your printer and can put it anywhere you want. On the other hand, if you only want to use it when you're using a certain desktop computer, or want to save energy and not leave it running all the time (or the manual instructions for setting the wireless LAN scare you), then put it into wired mode and connect to a LAN-connection computer or your LAN router if it has a USB port. Alternately, if your printer also has an ethernet port for a wired LAN connection, the wired connection may offer you better robustness and self-configuration than the wireless LAN.

Can you use both desktop computers on one router?

Yes, you can. You need to use any: wired connection, wireless connection or both. In order to use wired connection to have to have on occupied LAN ports (2 of them) and two LAN cables CAT-5e at least. If you want to use wireless, you need to have for that at least one wireless adapter if you want to connect another computer with a wire and so on.

How do you share internet connections?

• Router (5 port if it's for home use) • LAN (Local Area Connection) For business use

Is there a program that can make a LAN connection through the internet?

The type of network your asking about is called a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a VLAN (Virtual LAN). A VLAN acts like an ordinary LAN, but connected devices don't have to be physically connected to the same segment. LogMeIn Hamachi lets you setup a virtual LAN connection on both PCs and Macs through the internet. The software is free for non-commercial use, never expires, and will let you set up your virtual LAN connection in less then 10 minutes.

Does your computer need to be connected to a LAN to view an HTML document on a website?

Your computer must be connected to the internet to view an HTML document that is located on a website. Whether that connection is through a local area network (LAN) or not. If you normally connect to the web via the LAN, then yes, you'll need to be connected to the LAN. If instead you run an adhoc network, use a direct connection to infrastructure (like a router) or a modem, then you need that connection to reach the web.

How can you make a LAN connection between two vista laptops using either WiFi or a LAN cable when there is only internet protocoll versions 4 and 6?

Just use a cross-over cable between the two systems. The protocols will think they are talking to each other through a hub or switch or similar device.

I can't get the internet to work on my imb thinkpad laptop?

What kind of connection do you use? Do you have firewall? If you use lan connection check cables, check switch or modem restart it, if you need. If you use wireless connection check your adapter, check with other computers presence of internet.

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