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A conjunction connects individual words or groups of words in a sentence.

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Q: What connects individual words or groups of words?
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What connects words or groups of words?


What part of speech connects words or groups of words?

a conjunction.

What is a word that connects other words or groups of words called?

Linking verbs. ....

What part of speech connects word or groups of words?

a conjunction.

What is a word that connects other words or groups of words english 8 parts of speech?


How do people choose the words for spelling bees?

For the National Spelling Bee , there is a panel of teachers and lexicographers and other scholars who choose groups of level-of-difficulty appropiate words for the contest. The individual words are on a blind draw for each individual contestant from that pool of words.

The horizontal line that connects groups of eighth notes?

This is called a beam :)

What are the three kinds of conjunction and its meanings?

coordinating conjunction-connects two word or groups of two words with similar valuessubordinating conjunction-connects two groups of word by making one into a subordinating clausecorrelative conjunction -are always used in pairs...

What connects individual bones of the skull?

Tendons and muscles

How an individual can identify themselves as belonging to a number of different groups?

explain how an individual can identify themselves as belonging to a nimber of different groups

Examples of syntax?

The way an author chooses to join words into phrases, clauses, and sentences. Syntax is similar to diction, but you can differentiate them by thinking of syntax as the groups of words, while diction refers to the individual words.

What are the vertical columns called on the periodic table?

Groups, 1 through to 8 (or 0) The internet will tell you details about the individual groups. P.S. The rows are called periods

What connects linked words?

a common idea

What printer has a network port and connects directly to the network and not to an individual?

That would be a network printer.

Connects lens to ciliary body?

the suspensory ligament which is composed of individual zonular fibers.

What connects linked words-?

Conjunctions are used to connect linked words in a sentence.

what geographic region connects the three religious groups jews christianโ€™s and the followers of islam?

I do believe its Europe and Asia

What word connects word or phrases?

Words that connect words or phrases are called conjunctions.

What a word that connects words phrases and clauses?


What is the sociological prespective?

Where Psychology studies the individual and Anthropology the culture, sociology studies the dynamics of the individual in social groups and the dynamics BETWEEN those groups and the possible reasons for those dynamics

Which of these techniques involves putting words into groups?

A word wall can be used to put words into groups.

What part of speech connects words phrases and clauses?


What connects the subject to other words in a sentence?

linking verb

Is and a interjection?

The word and is classified as a conjunction. It connects other words.

What is the relation between ethics and psychology?

Ethics is code of conduct for collective behaviour and individual response. Psychology is an umbrella that connects individual with others.