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Q: What constitutes German Chocolate Cake?
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Why is German chocolate Cake called German chocolate Cake?

German chocolate cake is called German Chocolate Cake because it's Chocolate Cake from Germany. The above answer is incorrect. It is called German's Chocolate Cake, the "'s" is often left off. It is called this because of the type of chocolate used. German's chocolate was created by a man named Sam German who worked for Baker's Chocolate. That is why you can find German's chocolate as a flavor option from Baker's. The recipe for German's Chocolate Cake actually first appeared in 1957 in a newspaper in Dallas, TX.

What is the difference between German chocolate cake and chocolate cake?

German Chocolate is a brand name. it is melted and added to the cake batter as is typical with most formulas. Chocolate cake can be made with cocoa, or other sweetened chocolates of ANY brand name. typically German chocolate cakes have that ewwie gooey caramel/coconut/pecan filling and or frosting ,in this part of the country. so a German chocolate cake, is a chocolate cake.. but a chocolate cake, is only a German chocolate cake when German's chocolate is used.

Is German chocolate cake German?


Can you use semi-sweet chocolate for German chocolate cake instead of sweet chocolate?

not really German cake is suposed to be sour in a way so no no no no no no no no no no no no

Which rich cake begins with G?

German chocolate cake

How can one make German chocolate cake?

A German Chocolate cake is a dark chocolate sponge cake which is then layered with coconut an pecans. A lot of effort is required to make this cake and will take approximately two hours.

What makes a German chocolate cake different than a regular chocolate cake?

It has the word German wrote in front of it and was designed in Germany.

Is German chocolate cake and Swiss chocolate cake mix similar?

It is similar, but not exactly the same.

Is German chocolate cake a top 10 cake in Germany?

German Chocolate cake is known in Germany as a very delicate, good cake. And is know as one of ther best desserts there. It has loads of chocolate and coconut is on top.

What is the German name for chocolate cake?


Whear those German chocolet cake origin?

German Chocolate Cake originated in Germany.

What are some diabetic cake recipes that includes dark chocolate?

Chocolate Walnut Filled, Chocolate Zucchini Spice Cake, Chocolate Mint Cheesecake, Chocolate Angel Food Cake Recipe and Diabetic German - Chocolate Cake.

How do you make German chocolate cake?

It's a bit of a long recipe, it's similar to traditional chocolate cake recipes but with added ingredients, such as coconut. Here's the link:

Does a German chocolate cake have to be refrigerated?

yes, it is best to

What is the difference between German chocolate and regular chocolate?

German chocolate typically has coconut in the cake and in the frosting, while regular chocolate does not. Some German chocolates also have pecans.

Which cake names begin with S?

· Sachertorte (Austrian chocolate cake) · Sponge Cake · Streuselkuchen (German cake)

What is a traditional German cake?

German chocolate cake, 3 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate and nut (usually walnuts or pecans) buttercream icing in between each layer and a dark chocolate icing or frosting on the outside. Sometimes there is shaved dark chocolate or crushed nuts atop it.

Can you substitute a Devil's Food cake mix for a German Chocolate cake mix?

Yes you can

What is the history of German desserts?

it is actually believed that the German chocolate cake is named after a man named Sam German and what he did is he made special dark chocolate baking squares. The German chocolate cake needs alot of his chocolate. So once he died it is belived that they used his last name in honor of him.The Germans also got the German Chocolate cake from America. The German pioneers just brought it to Germany from their visit from America.

What are some good recipes from Germany?

German chocolate cake

Cakes beginning with the letter G?

German chocolate cake

What are some cake mixes?

German Chocolate Red Velvet

Where can you find a recipe to make German chocolate from scratch?

The recipe for German chocolate cake from the Joy of Baking is linked below.

A food beginning with the letter ge?

German potato salad German chocolate cake

Why does German chocolate cake have coconut?

IT has Coconut on it because it tastes like a German keesh.