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Child endangerment occurs when an adult puts a child at risk in health, education, or welfare. This can take place either intentionally or by neglect.

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Q: What constitutes child endangerment?
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What are child endangerment laws in Missouri?

I don't know everything that constitutes child endangerment in KCMO. But driving drunk with your child in the car with no car seats..NOT GOOD Also, beating the heck out of another adult within eye/ear shot of the child could get you charged with child endangerment.

Child endangerment laws Oregon?

How many years for child endangerment

What are the child endangerment laws?

child endangerment laws is pretty general. anything that can cause harm to child's well being, both mentally and physically can be considered child endangerment. For example: The use of or the sale of drugs where a child resides is child endangerment. Keeping handguns where a child can use it instead locked up is also child endangerment. exposing the child to unsafe practices, environments can be child endangerment.

Is a conviction for child endangerment a felony?

is an arrest charge of child endangerment a felony?

Is child endangerment a felony in the state of Nevada?

Yes child endangerment is a felony in Nevada. Don't EVER do it!

How much jail time for child endangerment?

how much jail time or probation can a person receive for child endangerment

Is child endangerment a violent or non violent crime?

Is a class b felony for child endangerment a violent crime

What constitutes child abandonment Texas?

What constitutes child abandonment in Texas?

What is child endangerment in the fourth degree?

Child endangerment in the fourth degree is the least harmful of all. This means that a person's acts caused harm to a child.

Is owning a pet snake child endangerment?

Depending on the type of snake and where it is compared to the child, it could be considered child endangerment if the snake is capable of attacking or harming the child.

What if child endangerment results in your child's death? go to jail

Who to call if you suspect child endangerment?


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