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Q: What continent do Vatican belong?
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On which continent is Vatican City?

Vatican City is on the European continent.

What continent is Vatican City located on?

Vatican City is located on the European continent.

Is Asia a neighbouring country of Vatican City?

No. Asia is a continent, not a country. It is a long way from the Vatican City. The Vatican City is in the continent of Europe.

What continent is the Vatican on?

the vatican is on the continent of europe, specifically within the confines of Italy. Essentially, a nation within a nation.

What continent are Vatican City and Kosovo from?

They are both on the continent of Europe.

What continent is the Vatican City in?

The Vatican City, can be found in the city of Rome, which is in Europe.

Is Vatican City in Asia?

No. Vatican city is in Rome, which is the capital city of Italy and is in the continent of Europe.

What continent does Haiti belong too?

Haiti doesn't belong to a continent. it is an island

What continent does Cyprus belong?

Cyprus's continent would be Europe witch it joined in 2004.Cyprus doesn't realy belong to a continent.

What continent is the vatican is located on?

The Vatican City is surrounded by Rome, the capital city of Italy, and Italy is part of Europe.

What continent does Zambia belong to?

African continent

Which continent does Afghanistan belong?

The continent of Asia.

What continent is Vatican City on?

Vatican City is in Italy, so it will be in Europe.The Vatican City is located in Europe, it is it's own country and is separate from the Holy See

What continent does Pyrenees belong to?

The Pyrenees mountains belong to the European continent ; they separate the nations of France and Spain.

What continent do the US Virgin Islands belong to?

The US Virgin Island belong to the continent of North America.

What continent does Haiti belong to?

Haiti is situated in the Caribbean which is a sub-region of the North American continent.

Which continent does lanzarote belong to?

Lanzarote is the 4th largest island in the Canary Islands. It is volcanic in origin and about 125 kilometres from the nearest continent. It does not "belong" to any continent.

What continent Australia belong?

Australia is its own continent.

What continent does Texas belong to?

North American Continent

Which continent Congo belong?

Congo is in the continent of Africa.

What continent is Nepal belong to?

It belongs to the continent of Asia.

What continent does US belong to?

The USA is in the continent America.

Which continent does Australia belong to?

None, It is an Island continent.

Which continent does Brazil belong in?

The South American Continent.

In which continent would you find the country of vatican city?