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Asia has the most languages of any continent, followed closely by Africa.

There are approximately 2300 languages in Asia.

There are approximately 2100 languages in Africa.

Europe has the least, with only 286 languages.

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Q: What continent has the most languages?
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Which continent is home to the most languages?

Africa is home to the most languages.

Which continent has the most language spoken?

Asia is the continent where most of the languages are spoken.

Which continent has the most speakers of Celtic languages such as Welsh and Gaelic?

Europe has the most speakers of Celtic languages.

What continent speaks the most number of languages?


Which continent has the highest number of spoken languages and how many are they?

Africa is believed to have the most living languages as of 2011. It is estimated that there are about 1500 languages in Africa.

What language is found on every continent?

The Indo-European language family is the most widely distributed language family in the world. One or more of its languages is spoken on every continent.

Which ancient language binds almost all Indian languages?

This question clearly refers to the Indian sub-continent, not to native American languages. Most modern languages and writing systems in Indian have evolved from Sanskrit.

What were the two most most influentional early cilizations on the European continent?

The Ancient Greek civilization and the Roman Empire. Their languages, culture, and ideology is either still used today or has heavily based modern ideas, culture, and languages.

What is Latin America and why is this region called Latin America?

Latin America is the South America continent, and the Central America sub-continent. It is called Latin America because the most common languages spoked there are Spanish followed by Portuguese then French, all of which are languages based on Latin.

Romance languages developed from Latin on which continent?


Which continent are kurdish and Persian languages spoken?

Both languages are spoken in Asia

Which country has most languages?

India has the most languages with 1,862 languages!

On which continent are two major languages Spanish and Portuguese?

Spanish and Portuguese are the two major languages in South America.

How do you say innocent in African languages?

There are over 1500 languages spoken on the African continent. You would have to be more specific

On which continent are Bantu languages widely spoken?

They are spoken in Africa.

Romance languages developed from the Latin language on which continent?


How many languages are spoken on the African continent?

Thousands and thousands.

What are the official languages Africa?

Africa is a continent, and therefore has no official languages. It is made up of 54 different coutries, representing over 100 official languages.

What continent has the most mountains?

i believe the continent that has the most mountains is Asia. it is the largest continent so therefore it would have the most mountain and it has the most mountain ranges. although it may seem that another continent has the most Asia is the continent that has the most mountains.

The southern most continent?

The southern most continent is Antarctica.

Which continent is the most polluted?

Asia is the most polluted continent.

What continent is the Philippines in?

AsiaThe Phillipines Islands are on the Pacific Ocean near mainland Asia and are part of the continent of Asia. Consists over 7,000 islands, over 280 languages. One of the most diverse place in the world.

What is the difference between the language in England and Africa?

The official language of England is English but Africa is a continent with lots of different countries - most of whom have their own languages.

How many languages are spoen in south America?

The main languages spoken are Spanish, \Portuguese, English, Dutch and French. \many hundreds of tribal languages are also spoken throughout the continent.

Do Africans speak African?

No there are an estimated 2000 languages spoken on the african continent