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Washington is in the USA which puts it on the North American continent.

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Is Washington a Continent?

No it is not a continent. It is a state.

What continent is Washington DC located?

The continent of North America.

What is the continent of Washington state?

The state of Washington is in North America.

Is WA a continent?

Washington (WA) is a state in the North American continent.

What continent is Seattle WA on?

Seattle, Washington is a city in the USA which is on the continent of North America.

Who was the commander of the continent army?

George Washington

Is Washington in the continent of North America?


Which continent is Washington DC in?

North America

On what continent and in what hemispheres does Washington reside?

Washington is in North America in the Northern and Western Hemisphere.

Which continent is Washington state?

North America. -D12

Which continent do you live on if you live in washington?

North America

What continent is Vancouver is on?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver, Washington, USA are both located on the North American continent.

What continent is Olympia in?

Olympia was a city in Ancient Greece and was where the Ancient Olympics were held. It is located in the European continent. Olympia is the capital of Washington, USA and is located on the North American continent.

Does every continent have a capital?

I believe that no continent has a continental capital, but there is country capitals, such as, Washington D.C is the united states of America's capital.

What continent is Mountain Saint Helens located in?

Continent: North America Country: United States of America State: Washington State

Who was the first president to leave the continent while they were serving in office?

It was President Washington.

Which continent is in lynnwood?

Lynnwood is a city in Washington, USA. It is located in North America.

What continent on which mount st helens is located on?

North America. It is in the state of Washington.

What country is Washington state located?

Washington state is located in the Pacific northwest in The United States of America, a country on the North American continent.

How long does it take to get to antarctica from Washington state on a boat?

Your answer depends on where you expect to land on the Antarctic continent.

What continent is Mount St. Helens on?

North America. It is 96 miles south of Seattle, Washington

What was the Continentil army?

The army that was fighting for the continent: the army raised by the Continental Congress of 1775, with George Washington as commander.

What continent is mount helenes?

Mount St. Helens is in North America Washington State , United States to be precise.

Is Washington DC in south America?

No. It is located on the East Coast of the United States of America on the North American continent.

Where does oceanic continental convergence occur country state continent?

In Washington State, Chile and Japan are the current known locations