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it is located near the north pole

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What continent has sweltering deserts and a frozen tundra?

The continent of Asia has the sweltering Gobi desert, and the tundra of Siberia.

What continent is the tundra on?

it is on Antarctica

The arctic tundra region is in which continent?

the tundra is in the very North of Canada which is part of North America,, and Russia, which is on the continent of Asia.

Where is the tundra biome located?

the tundra is located in the north pole and can be located in antartica

Were is the tundra located on a map?

Tundra is located in the northern hemisphere.

Where are tundra plants located?

In the tundra

What continent has the worlds largest tundra?


What continent has the world's largest tundra?


What continent has largest expanse of tundra?


What continent does the harp seal live on?

the arctic tundra

What continent is tundra in?

It is in Antarctica North America and Aisa

Are caribou located in the tundra?

Yes, they live in the Arctic Tundra.

What state the tundra biome is located?

There is a tundra biome located in Alaska which is a state in the United States. The tundra biome is the coldest of all of the natural biomes.

What biomes are located in the tundra called?

the tundra is already a biome so there are no other biomes in the tundra.

What continent is the Huang he river located?

The continent that the Huang He River is located on is the continent of Asia. This is because the river is located in China and China is located on the Asia continent.

What tundra do peguins live in?

Penguins live in the continent of Antarctica.

Tundra in a sentence?

The tundra is a cold place located in the North Pole.

Where is a tundra located?

In Siberia

Is Iran located in the tundra?


Tundra is located?

on earth

California is located on the continent of?

What continent is California is located on

Where is the arctic tundra located in the northern hemisphere?

The arctic tundra is located near the north pole on top of the world.

Where is tundra in the world?

the tundra is located in Canada Alaska Russia Europe and Greenland

What does the tundra and the taiga have in common?

The tundra and the taiga are both located in cold areas.

What is the difference between the taiga and the tundra biomes?

The tundra is mostly located in the poles and the taiga is located mostly in continents. by: akshar

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