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the europeans contributed to Guyana food ,dance and music,etc

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Miss Valerie Rodway composed national songs for Guyana such as 'O Beautiful Guyana', ' Hymn for Guyana's Children', 'Guyana the free', 'Kanaima' etc.

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The British Empire colonized the nation we now call Guyana. It was called British Guiana until the nation gained its independence in 1966.

It is still called Guyana. It changed it's name from British Guinea to Guyana when it was made independent in 1966.

Spain colonized Central and South America (with the exception of Brazil, British Guyana, Surinam, and French Guyana). Spain

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No, most of the European population is still in Europe.

The contributions that came from the Europeans for Guyana are the supply of foods and other essential products. They also contributed music and dance to the Guyana people.

She made a one thousand dollar contribution to a the Make A Wish Foundation. He sat quietly and made no contribution to the class discussion.

Since the 1990s the Guyana government has made the wood processing industry a priority.

She made a huge contribution to the project.

You could give a monetary contribution or volunteer your time to help them.

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He must not had made any contribution to the society

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