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What contributions did Alexander Hamilton make to economics?


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He created the Hamilton Plan


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He did this to help pay the national debt.

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American manufactures should be protected from foreign competition

make the United States a major commercial and military power.

Alexander Hamilton made a National Bank, also known as the Bank of the United States. This bank played an important role in making the U.S. economy more stable. ^ Answered by

Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury and played an important role in setting up the finances of the United States as well as making many other contributions as a founding father.

to make the rich richer and so the trading industires would have money

He had no family and was an orphan so the opportunity was in the colonies to make a life for himself. It was Washington who discovered his genius.

When George Washington became president, he was told about Alexander Hamilton and called him over. They quickly became friends and war broke against two opinions. King George would make the peasants pay more for taxes meanwhile Alexander H. and George W. won the war for their beleifs.

Alexander Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury under George Washington and as such he attempted to put into place several measures that were designed to establish a healthy and productive relationship between American business and the American government. He advocated the establishment of a national bank, the support of government in the building of infrastructure designed to assist the growth of industry, and he embraced the idea of credit and investment of the wealthy in the success of the country. Hamilton understood that in order to build an industrial society it was necessary to make investment attractive and profitable. Being a former military aide to Washington he had the president's ear and was able to get most of his ideas accepted. Alexander Hamilton was a man of questionable motives and was forever haunted by his humble origins, but he was undoubtedly a brilliant judge of economic determination and nation building.

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Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton sought to raise prices on foreign goods by applying tariffs that made those products more expensive than their American counterparts. He believed it was essential to put American companies at the advantage, and by increasing their cost, make European goods look less attractive to citizens.

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