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LeBron did a read aloud with his mother in his hometown(Akron, Ohio).

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How would your world be different if Lebron James did not make a contributions to society?

the heat will lose

What did lebron James make to society?

lebron didnt do any dam thing

How do you make LeBron James in NBA 2k11?

You can make a myplayer and name him LeBron James.

Who make more money LeBron James or Floyd Mayweather?

lebron james

What did Lebron James do to make the world a better place?

Lebron played basketball

What contributions did Anne Frank make to society?

She helped everyone by showing that she could make a stand. She made no contributions to society at all.

What important contributions did lebron James make to the world?

He Helps Little Kids and Read To Them, Helps The Boys And Girls Club By Giving Them 2 Million Dollars Thats What He Helps With.

How much does LeBron James make a year?

Lebron James correct salary for the 2010-2011 NBA season is 15.7 million a year

How much money does LeBron James make per game?

LeBron James makes about $192,437.95 per game as of the 2009-2010 season.

What contributions did Halle Berry make to the society?


What contributions did Aristotle make towards Society?


What contributions did Mozart make to society?

wrote music

What contributions did polish immigrants make to society?


How much does LeBron James make?

$10 mil a year

How much does LeBron James make per game?


How much did LeBron James make?

only $10 mil

How much money did lebron James make 2003?


Did LeBron James make varsity while a freshman?

yes he did

How much does LeBron James make for sponsoring Oreo?


How much money did lebron James make in Cleveland?


How many three-pointers did LeBron James make in his rookie season?

LeBron James made 63 3 pointers in his rooke season 63

What impact does LeBron James have on society?

- He is a role model for children.- His image can make a business a lot of money.- He is a talented basketball player that is a great asset to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Where did nat turner make contributions to society?

no one cares

What contributions did Annie Sullivan make to society?

She helped Helen

When did Michelangelo make these contributions to society?

He lived 1475 to 1564.