What contributions has Christianity made to western civilization and thought?

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There are several:

1. Primary to all contributions Christianity has made to Western civilization is education. Formal education began in the abbeys and convents of Europe and continued as the New World expanded.
2. Record keeping - the Church is the oldest record keeper on the planet. All of records for the births, deaths and marriages were maintained by the Church, especially since the Church and the governments were the same entity, at one time, that was the basis for taxation.
3. Choral music - was formalized and written down in abbeys and convents for the sake of teaching music and passing the traditions on.
4. The Roman calendar was created by one of the early Popes - Pope Julian who created the Julian calendar which has been passed down ever since.
5. Along with record keeping, history was also recorded by the local abbeys and convents, since there was no one else to perform this function in the locales where life occurred.
6. The largest organization and the most studied in the world - the Roman Catholic Church. It is by far, one of the richest and the most historically based organizations that goes all the way back to Jesus. It has documents that are one of a kind and have not been seen by humans for centuries!
7. Genetics was the result of studies undertaken in German abbeys where the initial studies were done by Fr. Gregoire Mendel. Studies were originally done with plants and then expanded from there!
8. Holidays - initially the holiday celebrations were founded in the Christian experience so that Christmas and Easter were celebrated as a part of calendar year. Other holidays were also celebrated but are no longer generally celebrated in the secular calendar.
9. Inductive and Deductive thinking - given to us by St. Thomas Aquinas who was one of the greatest minds in the Middle Ages church. Created many ideas that are still held today and increased the awareness of philosophy plays in the minds and hearts of humans.
10. Jesus in the Gospels, illustrated that dignity and respect was intended for all people, especially women. This was the first documented indication which humans saw a respect for the gender, and for all people who were sinners, sick, crippled and lame.
11. Art was created in a large measure to illustrate the life of Jesus and his disciples. This was a major contribution of the Middle Ages to our civilization, which is the only means we have today of some of the visual thoughts about Christianity.
12. Charitable giving and hospitals are the work of the early Church where those who had were asked to give to assist those who had not. These are a part of the moral fabric of western thought as we know it today!
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How did the Greeks contribute to western civilization?

The Ancient Greek contributed major things to western civilization. For instance, the philosophy of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Or literature like Homer's' Iliad and The Odyssey. Government styles like democracy were invented. History was recorded by Herodotus and Thucydides. Architecture like th ( Full Answer )

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The Ancient Greek civilization served as the foundation for thearts educational systems, language, philosophy, politics, andscience in Western Europe. Through the Roman Empire, ancient Greekconcepts such as democracy and republic came about.

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The contribution of the ancient Greeks to western civilization isremarkably rich and diverse. In general terms, it consists ofartistic inspiration (placing high value on artistic creativity),scientific and philosophical methodology and discipline (engagingseriously in the search for knowledge), and ( Full Answer )

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Contributions of Christianity to Human Civilization?

Born in the first century A.D., Christianity since then has influenced humanity, human history and culture a lot. Its impact as a religion seems to have hitherto been the best and deepest, thereby it remains unique. The Roamn Empire was Christianized by the early saints including Peter and the emper ( Full Answer )

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Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his law code. Justinian is famous for his ( Full Answer )

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Because Emporer Theodisus made it the official belief system of Rome, both Christianity and the Western countries are different today. There are good and bad things that came out of his decision. The bad is that many pagans that lived in the empire had to convert, not because they wanted to (whic ( Full Answer )

What is the most important contribution made to the western civilization by ancient rome?

The answer to your question requires an opinion and cannot be answered by a solid fact. Ancient Rome gave us so many innovations, that what would be considered important by one group of people could be considered less important by another. For example, a business executive would considered the bindi ( Full Answer )

What are some contributions the Hebrews made to Western civilization?

You have asked a wide-ranging question with many hundreds of details in its answer. I'll provide a few examples. 1) The Jews' monotheistic religious tradition shaped the Western beliefs about God. 2) The 7-day week, including a day of rest for everyone. 3) The concept of morality was also the ( Full Answer )

What all was the Romans contribution to the Western Civilization?

Some of the lasting effects of Roman civilisation are the use of adapted forms of the Latin alphabet in western European languages, the existence of languages that are derived from Latin (Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Romanian), some of the fundamental principles of law, and the use of La ( Full Answer )

What did the Judeo-Christian traditions contribute to democratic thought?

Jewish answer: Judaism is egalitarian and values all individuals,both men and women. The wealthy have no privileges; and the poorare valued, treated well and their opinions listened to. (Comparethis to those societies in which only mature, land-owning males hadany legal status.) Judaism applied laws ( Full Answer )

What were Rome's most popular contributions to western civilization?

The main legacies of the Romans are religion, the alphabet, language, law and art. Christianity developed from a religion among a small group of Jews into a mass religion in the Roman days. It spread around the Roman Empire. It became the religion of the masses and then state religion. Catholic Ch ( Full Answer )

What was Charlemagne's contribution to western civilization?

Charlemagne made contributions mainly to medieval Western European Civilisation. Two contributions have been more enduring. One was the development of lower case letters with the Carolingian minuscule. Writing in lower case made writing easier and is still used today, even though it is different tha ( Full Answer )

What was Ancient Rome's most significant contribution to Western Civilization?

The most important legacy of the Romans is religion Others are the alphabet, language, the calendar, law, architecture and literature. Christianity developed from a religion among a small group of Jews (who lived in Judea, which was part of the Roman Empire) into a mass religion in the Roman days. ( Full Answer )

What contributions to civilization were made by the Hebrews?

As one of the Semitic peoples, they were able to take the lead ofthe Phoenicians and develop writing, literature and take overadditional territories. By the 6th Century BCE they had alsoadopted monotheism. They were colonising, missionary and migratoryand spread their commercial abilities and religi ( Full Answer )