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many have been tryed but the most effective one to date is SIT, Sterile Insect Technique. Google it for more info

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Is it correct grammar to say government controls on securities has been abolished?

government controls HAVE been abolished

Did Lewis and Clark explore Florida?

No They Have Never Been To Florida , They Have Been To Florida BUT They didn't explore Florida which is very exciting!

Who is the president for Florida?

No native of Florida has ever been President, but Andrew Jackson had been Governor of Florida when it was a Territory.

How long has Florida been a state?

Florida has been a state for 165 years.

How can you tell a tomato is a fruit?

This has been debated since time began, is it a fruit, no it is a vegetable, no it is a fruit etc......

In what ways does the Constitution and the Bill of Rights set up checks and controls on the national government Have these controls been successful?

The bill of rights states rights that cannot be infringed upon the american people. These controls have not been succsefull.

Can you use frozen fruit in a cake?

If the fruit has been frozen and then thaughed out, then , yes.

Do I need an adoption attorney?

An organic fruit is a fruit that has been grown without pesticides or fertilizer. Non organic fruit has been treated for pests and has had various fertilizers used on it.

Why did they change the tomato to a fruit?

It has always been a fruit. If it has seeds it is a fruit, if it doesn't it is a vegetable. Only pumpkins are a vegetable classed by everyone but technically they are a fruit.

Could Japan's invasion of Manchuria have been prevented?


Why has there been tension between India and Pakistan?

an invasion by china

What is the difference between a fruit sauce and fruit puree?

The difference between a fruit sauce and a fruit puree is that a fruit puree is fruit that has been pureed so you are left with the juice and pulp of the fruit. A fruit sauce is fruit with other ingredients used to make the sauce.

British history has been a history of invasion?

True, until AD 1066. That was the last successful large-scale invasion of Britain.

Can you get a ferry from England to Florida?

There has never been a ferry from England to Florida.

Is an avacado a fruit?

Yes it is. An easy way to determine a fruit from a vegetable - A fruit will continue to ripen after it has been picked - a vegetable will not.

How did the invasion of Russia affect Germany's effort in the Battle of Britain?

Operation Barbarossa , the invasion of Russia , took away assets that could have been applied to Operation Sea Lion , the invasion of England .

Which English city would have been the capital if hitlers invasion plans had been successful?


Can you freeze the fruit of a prickly pear after it has been peeled?

Yes, the fruit can be frozen after peeling.

What are the examples of fruit vegetables?

Well the tomato has been argued whether its a fruit or a vegetable

Who invented fruit?

nobody invented fruit its been here since the dawn of time

When did pumpkin become a fruit?

A pumpkin has always been a fruit. It is a member of the gourd family.

Is a raspberry a autumn fruit?

There are varieties of raspberry that have been bread to produce fruit in Autumn.

Why does fruit rot faster after it has been washed?

An explanation can be the deleting of the protective layer of the fruit.

Has the television show 'Invasion' been cancelled?

Yes, it is cancelled. It ran from September 21, 2005 to May 17, 2006.

Is there any USpresidents that came from Florida?

The answer to ARE there any presidents from Florida is no. Some presidents have had houses in Florida (Kennedy, Nixon) but no president has been from Florida.