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check your generic control module, these are known to go bad from time to time.if you can't find it,get a diagram from the dealer (it's free) on the physical location from the parts division. it will show you what it looks like and the location. i had a similar problem on a 1992 Taurus and it was the wiper control module (the same thing as the generic control module) and brand new this part cost about $90.00. but... it can be repaired if can solder. remove the module( or go to the junkyard and get a used one) and opnen it up to reviel the circuit card . you will see the relays on it, and pop out the circuit card from the holder tabs. check all of the solder connections and compare to each other. it will be obvious which one is bad, and resolder. there, you just saved $90.00 from buying a new one...or $450.00 if the dealer would have done it. good luck.

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Q: What controls the power to the wipers radio speedmeter and tach on a 1998 Mercury Sable GS?
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