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What controls the rpm of a 22RE not rev over 3500rpm?

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What would cause a 1990 Mazda RX-7 Cabrio on startup to rev to 3500rpm then die This can be repeated over and over?

If the RX-7 is turbo ready or has a turbo it will do this for 8-10 seconds on start up to warm up the turbo.

1991 Honda Accord?

why wont my 1991 Honda acord rev higher than 3500rpm sometimes ?and why wont the trans go into 3rd and 4th

Where is the rev limiter on a 1994 Plymouth sundance?

The engine computer is the rev limiter. It controls max rpm by shutting off fuel and ignition.

Rev limiter for a crf150 do?

The rev limiter makes it so it wont over rev and the bike doesent blow up

Why won't my 98 mercury mystique rev over 4000 rpm's?

Rev limiter

When was Far from Over - Rev Theory song - created?

Far from Over - Rev Theory song - was created in 2007.

Why does a 1990 Pontiac grand prix not rev past 4k rpm?

there is a rev limit setting in the ecm so you dont over rev the motor

Why wont your car rev after half thottle?

If the vehicle is in neutral or park and it doesn't rev over half throttle, it is the rev limiter (governor). That is normal.

What causes a car to over rev?

If you don't shift it!!!

Why won't my dodge dakota 3.7 rev over 4000 rpm in park?

there is a rev limiter in the computer to keep you from blowing your motor.

What does a idle speed air control does?

the idle speed air control controls the amount of air going in to the engine so it idles at a certain rpm so it wont stall when you stop at stop signs or so it wont over rev

Why does your car over rev on acceleration?

The transmission or clutch may be slipping.

Which shift solenoid controls reverse on a 2002 GMC sierra?

reverse gear does not work off a solenoid do you have 2nd and 4th gear or just rev missing

Why cant i rev my car high in park. Its a 2014 accord coupe i4 and when i rev it in park it only goes up to 3-4000 rpm?

It has a rev limiter. It designed to keep the engine from over revving and doing damage.

Toyota sr5 what do i do if my tranny misses shifts and wont rev over 2g?

junk IT

Does the 1999 virago 1100 have a rev limiter?

The 1999 Yamaha Virago XV1100 LCÊdid come with a rev limiter. This means that the RPMs of the vehicle won't go over a set limit.

Will taking the baffel out of a four wheeler ruin the engine?

no just dont over rev your motor

Why does the intrigue not allow you to rev past thirty five hundred rpms in neutral or park?

It is the rev limiter which protects your engine from over reving. While driving you can rev as much as you want. I never red line though and dont recommend it. You can remove it with a power programmer which can cost $$$$.

Why doesn't any car rev over 2rpm?

No automobile engine will even run at 2 rpm's. The average engine idles at from 650-750 rpm's, and will easily rev to 5,000 rpm's.

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What is the rpm needed to downshift a dump truck?

When u want to go to downshift bring Ur rpm down to 1100 but in out of gear and rev the engine rpm to 1400 or 1500 don't over rev it.

What is the rev limit for a stock 1985 Chevy 350?

Anything over 6500 would be rolling the dice.

Why cant you go from third gear to second gear?

The engine will over-rev depending on what size engine you have

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