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Q: What costumes and makeup do kwaito dancers wear?
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What does kwaito dancers wear?

Cloths :P

What do tap dancers wear for costumes?


What kinds of costumes do the hoop dancers wear?

stripper outfits leotards

What do Bollywood dancers wear?

Bollywood dancers wear bollywood costumes. They do so so to look attractive. When they dance in a group they look very good.

What kind of costumes do ballet dancers wear?

Usually ballet dancers wear a body suit with a skirt or tutu, or a dress always with tights inculded and ballet slippers

What is the costume of tinikling?

Dancers wear traditional costumes when they perform the tinkling bamboo folk dance. For the traditional Philippine costumes, females wear a patadyong or balintawak and the costume males wear is a barong tagalog.

What costumes do male dancers wear?

It depends on which dance they are performing. Ballet? Salsa? Street? There are dozens of types.

Why do ballet dancers wear the costumes they do?

i think its too put them into character and when they dance it brings more to the scene :)

What kind of costumes do boy ballet dancers wear?

Leggings and a fitted top/jacket, depending of the ballet.

Why male ballet dancers wear tights?

In practices or rehearsals, for the same reason as female ballet dancers do. It is considered an "appropriate" form of dance wear, covers up, and it comfortable. In performances, it is often just how most costumes are done. Females tend to wear dresses or skirts, and men tend to wear simple tights and elaborate tops. That is just how the costumes have evolved, generally speaking.

What kind of costumes do rumba dancers wear?

First, this should not be under the ballet category (i should know because i am a Mexican dancer) And normally they were very bright, colorful, and sparkly costumes.

Why do children have to wear costumes?

children wear costumes to celebrate Halloween or they wear costumes for the fun of it.

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