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it is probably a mole or skin tag

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If I have 5 dogs and only 1 small dog and 2 big dogs can pull a real sled could it pull an average sized 11 year old?

Five dogs is plenty to pull a sled even with a full sized adult as long as the dogs are trained and conditioned for pulling.

Are Beagles small or medium sized dogs?

Beagles are medium sized dogs. They are too stocky to be a small breed.

Can dogs eat swordfish?

Dogs cannot eat a whole swordfish, but if you were to cook and prepare the swordfish into bite-sized chunks, then a dog could eat it.

What could a fleshy dark skin tag be on a dogs skin?

Because the answers here are dumb!

How are bananas bad for dogs?

They are not exacly bad for dogs, bananas are only bad for small sized dogs because they can choke if you give a banana to a small sized dog you should cut it into small peices :) bye

Are pitbull considered medium dogs?

Yes, Pit Bulls are classified as "medium" sized dogs.

What are some examples of medium sized dogs?

There are a number of medium-sized dogs, all of which have different shapes. Dogs in the 40 to 60 pound range include the Australian Shepherd, Bearded Collie, Dalmatian, all spaniels and hounds.

You have been finding white worms with dark heads in your dogs water dish what kind of worm could that be?


What is the weight of a normal sized dogs heart?

0.01 pounds

What do pitbull dogs look like?

Very wide faces and a wide body. They are medium sized dogs

How are Maltipoo dogs with children?

It depends on how old your children are. Good dogs for children are Cairns, Bichon Frise, mid-sized poodles, and other mid-sized dogs. Smaller dogs (often called "lap dogs") can be high-strung or nervous and usually delicate in manner so they are not appropriate for young children.

Who grows bigger a rottweiler or a border collie?

Rottweilers are large sized dogs where as border collies are only medium sized.

Can it be dangerous for small dogs to breed?

If proper care is taken then it is no more dangerous than for ordinary sized dogs

How good do dogs see in the dark?

Dogs have excellent night vision

Do huskies grow to be big?

Huskies are considered to be mid-sized dogs

What is the size of a medium sized dog's heart?

all dogs have the same size heart, that is why larger dogs live shorter than smaller dogs

Can dogs see in the dark as good as cats can?

yes dogs can see in the dark i mean think about it dogs see in black and white so its not that much diffrent plus in their eyes they have a certain thing in the eye that allows them to see in the dark.

Can cats or dogs see better in the dark?

cats see better in the dark because the pupil adjust to the dark but yes i think dogs can see in the dark just like cats maybe not as well but yes thhey can see in the dark................

Can cats and dogs see in the dark?

Cats are nocturnal and can a dogs eyesight in the dark is about the same as humans but maybe a little better depending on the breed

Can dogs see better in the dark than humans?

Yes, dogs see better than humans do in the dark. Some people like to keep their lights on for their dogs but there really is not a need to do this.

Do Yorkshire Terriers grow bigger?

No, Yorkshire Terriers are small sized dogs.

Do toy poodles grow big?

No, Toy Poodles are small sized dogs.

What is a compound sentence using dark clouds and our dogs?

Today I noticed the dark clouds in the sky, and I decided not to take our dogs out for a walk, for fear of rain.

What do dashunds eat?

shep, is for grown sized dogs with strong teeth and gums. other pups and dogs eat different food.

How many dogs fit in a phone booth?

i would guess that about 20 dogs fit in a phone booth if they were medium sized. it would really depend on the size of the dogs