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See your doctor.

2006-07-26 14:01:25
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Q: What could a bump be on the back right side of your head that doesn't hurt but you feel pressure from it and could it be due to a genetic sinus disease?
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If your sister has bipolar can you have it?

Yes, it is possible that you could have it, as Bipolar is a genetic disease, however it is not a guarantee that you will definitely have it.

Is asthma a genetic disease?

Asthma is a multifactorial disease. It can be caused allergy, cold, exercise, emotional disturbances and such factors. Some degree of proneness to bronchial spasm could be hereditory, but to say that it is genetic is not entirely true.

Can a mosquito kill you?

A mosquito bite can infect you with a disease that they can carry. The disease could kill you. Its like - the snake bite doesnt kill you, its the poison.

Your 1991 ford ranger oil pressure gauge doesnt work what could be wrong?

Bad oil pressure sending unit?

How could greater genetic diversity have lessened the devastation of the potato blight?

Some potatoes would be more likely to have a genetic resistance to the disease and survive. (Study Island)

What is another disease you could get in the circulatory system?

high blood pressure heart attack

How to use syndrome in a sentence?

Down's syndrome is a serious genetic disease caused by chromosomal problems. hope i could help.

Is congenital heart disease sex linked?

No. Anyone could have it. There can be a genetic component as it tends to travel in familys, though not always.

If two people with Down syndrome had a baby would it have Down syndrome too?

It could possibly happen,but it is not a genetic disease.

Could a genetic disease that causes malformation of gaps junctions lead to both cardiac and gastrointestinal problems?

Yes, that is true.

What types of diseases can be treated using genetic engineering?

all diseases although the disease could mutate to get you or the different genes could make you get different diseases.

Why would one identical twin develop Parkinson Disease and not the other?

Parkinson's disease is not only genetic but another factor that could cause Parkinson's disease would be environmental issues. If one twin is more exposed to certain toxins in the air like pesticides, they could be more likely to get Parkinson's Disease.

How can traits that you inherit affect your health?

if your mom or dad pass down a genetic disease through their traits to you that could affect your health

How could a breeder determine whether or not a dog is a carrier of ataxia?

In the spinone, a genetic disease caused by a recessive allele has been identified.

How might the discovery of genetic cures and the use of genetic engineering affect the future of evolution?

If genetic cures were discovered, we could stop diseases and afflictions altogether by giving the cure to the parent, and the offspring may have a better chance of fighting off the disease.

Can you prevent genetics disorders?

Yes, technically you could prevent a disorder that was genetic by avoiding any catalyst for that disorder. For example, if there is a genetic predisposition for diabetes in your family, you could possibly avoid getting the disease by watching your diet and exercising throughout your life.

What could cause a spike in oil pressure?

All oil filters have a pressure bypass valve if it doesnt open it will cause the spike.. change your oil and filter and get back to me

Where can you find Huntington Disease?

It is a genetic disease, passed from parent to child- so it could be found anywhere. There has been a concentration of cases in Great Britain and in Venezuela, but it is not limited to one part of the world.

Circumstances that might lead a couple wanting to become parents to seek genetic counseling?

Genetic counseling is a very expensive process. Usually couples only seek it out when they believe that there is a genetic disease in one of their families that could end up affecting their child. The would conceive and a genetic test would be formed on the fetus. After the results came back there would be time to decide whether to continue with the pregnancy or abort because the genetic disease has been found.

Is heart disease always genetic?

Many things like smoking, lack of exercise and bad diet increase the risk of getting heart disease. Your genetics are just another thing that could increase the risk of you getting heart disease.

What would happen if a cat doesnt have fur at all?

Sometimes it could be the tye of cat or if your cat become bald that could mean it has a disease . I advise you to go to a vet if that happens.

What types of things could you learn by looking at a karyotype?

If the karyotype is of a human, then you can tell the gender and genetic abnormalities like Huntington's Disease and Down Syndrome.

Would it be possible that the younger sibiling could have the same disease as the older sibiling?

Of course. Some diseases are genetic and could be carried by both siblings. The important thing is to know as much as you can about the disease, why it occurs, and if it is transmitted genetically or some other way. Information is the key to answer this question, and if you are concerned there are also some genetic tests that can be run to determine the likelihood of a genetic disease showing up in a family member. You should talk to your doctor and find out as much as you can before you worry too much about the chances of both children being sick. Good luck.

Identify a disease or disorder and explain how it might be controlled by genetic engineering?

Recombinant could be used to produce insulin for diabetics; gene therapy could be used to control cystic fibrosis and some cancers.

Can you die from cleft palate?

I dont think so. It doesnt do that much to your vitals. Its only a face deformation. Your could however get a disease from it. I have cleft lip and palate.