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A bump like this is usually an oil gland that has closed over. It's called a sebaceous cyst and as the doctor says, just keep an eye on it. Typically they take care of themselves.

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Are hairline fractures painful?

not really,but at times go with stress and movement it might cause real fracture

Is it possible to have a hairline fracture and still be able to move the joint?

Yes, but it is usually painful and has some edema at the site of the fracture.

Does your foot swell straight away if you have a hair line fracture?

A hairline fracture does not necessarily produce swelling, It will be painful, however.

What could a hard lump on the back of the neck at hairline be that hurts to touch with surrounding tissue very painful?

If you have a concern you should have your physician examine it for you.

Should you be worried if a mole suddenly became very tender and painful but there is no bleeding?

I would definitely get it checked.

Is it possible to break a bone in your big toe and not really notice?

A broken bone is always painful, however, you will not necessarily realize that the pain is caused by a broken bone. Also note that you can have a hairline fracture, in which case the bone is broken but it is not separated into two pieces. Those are harder to identify as breaks. But they are still painful.

Why is being in love so bloody painful?

Because you're attention is all absorbed in that person but when they leave you your attention is suddenly snapped back

What are the symptoms of a wrist hairline fracture?

I think of a hairline fracture as a non-displaced fracture. In other words, the bones are not moved out of position, but the involved bone is still broken, technically. Usually, hairline fractures are tender to the touch and cause pain at the extremes of movement. They may not be painful with gentle motion and there may be just a little swelling in the injured area. Sometimes plain x-rays will not show a break and advanced imaging procedures like CT scan or MRI scan may be necessary to diagnose the problem.

When did Saint Catherine of Siena die?

Catherine died April 29, 1380, of a mysterious and painful illness that came on suddenly, and was never properly diagnosed.

What is the climet in space?

Extremely hot, but would feel cold if you were exposed, you would then die a sudden painful death as your blood and body suddenly boil.

How long does it take for a rib fracture to heal?

this could take longer than a month, even if it is only a hairline fracture, painful as it is, just do not move to o fast or lift anything heavier than a couple of pounds.

What causes small painless lumps on back of neck near hairline?

There are various reasons these lumps may appear including minor infections and rashes. If it grows larger, changes color, or becomes painful you may to get it checked out.

When did St. Catherine of Siena die?

Catherine died on April 29, 1380, of a mysterious and painful illness that came on suddenly, and was never properly diagnosed.

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yes the preasure of the dimond would expand the chest until it couldn't handle it anymore then it would explode. it would never happen though,but if it did then it would be terribly painful.

What kind of over the counter pain to use for the hump on below hairline?

Any over the counter pain killer will help relieve minor pain and inflamation, however any random painful humps that you may have should be under the supervision of a physician.

What does it mean to have pains inside of a mole?

It means you need to see a doctor. A mole changing shape/colour or suddenly becoming itchy or painful are some of the warning signs of cancer.

Why are some substances more addictive than others?

either because they produce a rapid and intense change in mood; or because they produce painful withdrawal symptoms when stopped suddenly

What could be wrong if you have painful pea-sized bumps behind the ear which appeared very suddenly last night?

You have swollen lymph glands. You have an infection and your nodes are producing many white blood cells to fight it off. If it doesn't go down soon (2-3 days) see a doctor.

How do you fracture your ankle?

okay this is NOT a painful procesa you need to get ingiger tis weakens the bone walk down the stairs and as you do jolt hard and fast you ankleround to face the wall you are sure to get a hairline fracture bad enough for a cast and crutches for at least 6 weeks with no complicationsfollowing :)

Is painful a noun?

No, painful an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a painful injury, a painful situation).

You have a pain in thigh joint and when in move suddenly it is very painful?

This could be any one of a number of problems including arthritis of one sort or an other, The only way to be sure is to get it checked by a doctor

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