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A knot behind your left ear is probably a lymph gland. However, thyroid tissue can infrequently be found in other areas of the body outside of its normal placement. Early in embryonic development, the thyroid gland forms near the brain and migrates downward to its normal position in the lower neck. Sometimes "pieces" can be left behind during migration that function like normal thyroid tissue. Additionally, thyroid tissue can sometimes be found in the chest cavity or other body parts when the migration process has not gone properly.

If you are worried about your thyroid, the lump, or cancer, go to your doctor for answers. Make sure you understand his/her explanation fully and ask for it to be noted in your chart including size, so if it appears to have grown you can go back and remeasure and seek further evaluation.

AnswerThyroid cancer is in the neck. The knot behind your ear is probably part of your head. If you have had it awhile, and it hasn't grown, it is probably normal. You would have a knot in your neck if it were your thyroid.
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