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Genetic remnants of a tail. While most humans aren't born with a tail, some actually have a small tail when they're born and it is usually removed before the baby is taken home.

AnswerThe coccyx is the scientific name for the tail bone. The tail bone sits right at the top of the "butt crack." The coccyx is made up of a few small segments. Through an early injury or a malformation, the coccyx can present as a lump. AnswerIt could be a pilonidal cyst.
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Q: What could a lump at the top of your buttocks be?
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Lump on your bum?

There could be many reasons why a person would have a lump on the buttocks. The lump could be a cyst, keratoacanthomas, or a neurofibromas. A doctor will need to be consulted to find the exact cause.

Hard lump on top of shoulder?

Having a hard lump on the top of your should could signify that you have cancer. You should get this checked out immediately.

What is a hard lump down the middle of your buttocks?

tail bone

What could an M-and-M sized lump be on the lower spine that periodically gets very sore?

It could be many things ... slipped disc, disintigrating disc or a bone spur. I would suggest you get go to the doctors and get an x-ray done. If it's a slipped disc you can see a Chiropractor. A lump like that at the top of the crease of the buttocks could be a pilonidal cyst. It can be very painful, but a doctor can lance and drain it.

What could a lump at the top of your butt crack be?

Most commonly a pilonidal cyst.

My father in law has a growing lump on the top of his head that he has had for the past five years. What could it be?

The lump should definitely be checked out particularly since it has been there that long. It could be cancerous.

What would be wrong if you have a hard lump on your ear near your top jawbone on the right side?

got a hard lump at the side of my right ear, what could this be.

What could be a hard tender lump on top o head?

It could actually be a boil, but if you are worried, then see your doctor.

What is a small lump on the lower right side of the lower back right above the buttocks?

It could be anything, but the first thing that comes to mind is a tumor. You should get to a doctor and have it checked out.

What could a quarter-sized lump be at the center top of your ribs?

It could be a growth, so consult a doctor about it without delay.

Is there a cure for a painful lump on top of the head?

It depends what caused the lump.

What is it by having bumps on the buttocks?

You could have heat rash if you have bumps on your buttocks. You could also just have an allergy to a laundry detergent.

Lump in the middle of the top of the back of your neck and it pops out when you look down what could this be?

That would most likely be the top ridge of one of your vertebra in your spine.

If you find a lump on your breast what could it be?

AnswerIf you found a lump on your breast, it could be cancer.

If you have a lump in your back what could it be?

If you have a lump on your back you could have cancer. You should get this checked out by a doctor immediately.

What causes a lump behind the eye?

There are many things that could cause a lump behind the eye such as cancer. Infection could also cause a lump.

What does the idiom a big bun mean?

It could mean a large roll of hair on the back or top of the head, or it could mean a large buttocks or it could just mean a large bread roll.

What is the lump on top of a belugas head?

the lump on top of the belugas head is called a melon no joke!it is a lot of blubber to help keep them warm

How do you reduce lump - bruise in buttocks caused by fall?

Generally, the best practice is to apply ice within the first 24 hours.

What could a pea sized lump that moves on top of jaw?

A pea sized lump on top of the jaw that is movable is likely just a gland or a benign cyst. However, to be absolutely sure it's not something more serious, it would be best to see a doctor.

What is the lump on your arm?

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

I have found a lump on my left testicle but it's on the top i have done some research and there are a number of things it could be?

It is probably the vein

What kind of buttocks saline ann fat injections could you get to increase the size?

Can saline.injection increase buttocks size

You have been feeling dizzy and have a headache and could this be caused by a lump you have?

You didn't mention where the lump was. However, ANY LUMP should be checked out by your doctor. See your doctor as soon as possible. It may have nothing to do with the lump and you could have just picked up a virus or it could be a medication you are on.

What will happen if you have a clump in your armpit?

a clump or a lump? a lump could be an ingrown hair