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It could be a mumber of things but I advise getting checked by Dr. or medical clinic

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Q: What could a lump be about 2 inches away from the right side of your spinal cord and it hurts when you touch it?
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The right side of my neck hurts what could it be?

just take advil.

Lower right side of abdomen hurts?

Could be appendisitis.(your appendix)

What could be the cause of your right foot swelling more than the left and it hurts somewhat?


What does it mean when your right side of your stomach hurts?

It could be your appendix or your gallbladder if it gets worst see a Goodyear right away

When you bend over on your right side just below your ribs you get this pain like something is there and it hurts what could it be?

It could be apendisitis

What could it mean if your right hand hurts?

If one's right hand hurts it could be a sprain or bruise. People sometimes bang their hand and forget about it until the pain shows up later. The most common explanations are usually just excess stress placed on the hand.

Right sub articular zone of spinal canal?

what is narrowing of the right subarticular zone of the spinal canal

Why don't scientists measure in inches?

It could be because they want exact measurements and measuring it in inches could make it harder for them to get the right measurements

Your right side of neck and shoulder hurts what could it be?

Could be due to posture. Or, could be you are carrying a handbag or shoulderbag on that side. If that's the case, consider a backpack.

Is spinal fluid extracted from the lumbar vertebrae for spinal tap?

Yes, that's right.

Why right side of temple hurts to touch and all around eye area?

You could have sinus pressure or a migraine headache.

What could a hard lump that feels like bone be that does not move and hurts when pressure is applied and is a little smaller than a ping pong ball about 1 or 2 inches above the right ear?

It probably is bone. Your skull is not flat, it has hollows and ridges in it. It could also be a harmless cyst that has developed. I wouldn't worry about it.

How come the right eye hurts?

It is because you accidentlly hit it at night and the next day it hurts.

Could you have an infection if you have a lump below your right ear that hurts and your ear hurts too?

Yes. But no one is able to (or will) diagnose you online. You only have one body. Please contact a health professional as soon as you can. T

When your hand touches a hot stove you immediately pull it away. this action is controlled by your?

Spinal cord. It is called as reflex action.

Your left arm right across from your heart hurts and is loosing feeling could this be a heart attack?

It's a sign of a heart attack.

What is right paracentral disc protrusion with impingement on neural foramina?

When the disc protrudes backwards, it comes in the spinal canal. Here it is on the right side of the mid line. This has compromised the spinal foramen. That means, there is pressure on the spinal cord.

What could the problem be if you have a lower backache but hurts worse on the left side?

Have you given any thought to possible kidney infection? It could be a compressed disk. Mine was on the right side.

What would the cause of tingling in my right middle finger and right foot be?

There is no telling. It could be from any number of causes. The nerves for your right middle finger and the middle of your right foot are close together in your spinal column and your brain. A problem affecting your foot or hand could affect the other or it could come from your brain. See if your shoe is too tight.

Small lump on inside of right nostrel which hurts and has caused your nose to swell what could it be?

might be an infection...if i were you i would go see a doctor...

I fell down the stairs and hit the upper right side of my back and now it hurts to breath and bend on my back about where the ribcage is. What could be causing the pain?

Could be a broke or cracked rib

What makes your spinal cord unbreakable?

The spinal cord can be broken with the right amount of force, always protect yourself

What part of the spinal cord is likely to be compressed when lost feeling in right hand?

The left side of the spinal cord.

Trachea anterior to spinal cord?

No, the trachea and the spinal cord run parallel from about the base of the skull to the lungs. The spinal cord is superior to (above) the trachea, that means the spinal cord lies dorsally to the trachea. You could also say that the trachea is inferior to the spinal cord.When you are doing body directions on a human, you have to lay the human on his belly. Anterior is towards the head; Posterior, towards the tail end. If you are a surgeon, then left and right are your left and right while facing the patient.

Your chest hurts when you breathe and my head hurts?

If your chest hurts when you breath and your head hurts as well, you should go to the emergency room. If you can not go right now, you should at least have someone around you to make sure your OK.