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I think only a doctor can tell you that. I have a lump at the top of my back near the spine which is just a growth. If i were you, the next time you need to see the doc, have them take a look at it. The same if you went for a mole check.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 01:36:58
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Q: What could a lump on the lower right side of your back near the spine be?
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What is mild dextroscoliosis of the lumbar spine?

It is a slight curvature of the lumbar (lower back) spine to the right.

What causes lower right back and lower right pelvic pain?

it is usually muscle fatigue or a non-aligned spine.

Why does your lower right side of your back hurt near your spine?

you have a herniated disc

What is the area of the lower back?

It is the Lumbosacral Region of the Spine (Lower Back).

What part of the spine is known as the neck?

The part of the spine at the neck is known as the cervical spine. The upper back contains the thoracic spine, and the lower back is the lumbar spine.

Where do they give lumbar epidural injection for the lower back pain?

in your spine at the lower back

What is sclerosis in the lower lumbar spine?

Scoliosis is thickening or hardening of the bone. The lower lumbar spine is the lower back (Disks L1 - L5). Scoliosis in the lower lumbar spine means you have thickening or hardening of the bone in the lower back (lumbar disks L1-L5).

What is scoliosis of the lumbar spine?

Scoliosis of the lumbar spine is an abnormal sideways curve in the spine of the lower back.

What causes bumps on the lower back?

You could be feeling your spine. or have a cluster of benign limpomas. More description is needed.

What is the bone that extends from the lower back to the shoulder?


What are lumps on the lower back on both sides of the spine which cause back pain and numbness of the left leg and it tends to hurt more after lying flat on your spine?

You need to see a doctor about this as they could be anything.

Were is disc L4 and L5 located in the spine?

It's lumbar 4 and 5 - lower spine (the curved dip in your lower back).

Where is your spine located?

your spine is located in between your cranium and your pelvis.

What could cause a fatty hump on your lower back right above the butt and pain in lower back?

Go to a doctor.

What could be the problem if you have lower back pain that shoots down to your right knee?

A budy of mine had similar problems and he had a pinched nerve in his lower spine. It was caused by an enlarged disk. * A good source of information can be found at: Sciatica Foundation,

Collection of bones that run down your back?

The bones in your back are called vertebrae but all of them together are called the spine, the neck is cervical, mid-spine is thoracic and the lower spine is the lumbar.

What is the collection of bones that runs down your back?

The bones in your back are called vertebrae but all of them together are called the spine, the neck is cervical, mid-spine is thoracic and the lower spine is the lumbar.

Divisions of the back bone?

The three main divisions of the spinal column are the cervical spine near the neck, the thoracic region of the upper back, and the lumbar spine in the lower back.

What is L3 compression fracture?

its the fracture of the lumbar spine at the level of the lower back above the sacral spine its caused by sitting or falling down on your back people with osteoporosis have fractures of the lower back easier due to their bones being brittle.

What could cause right side pain radiating into your back?

If it feels close to your spine, it's probably a pinched nerve.

Where can instructions for stretching exercises to help with lower back pain be found?

The spine-health website offers alot of information about lower back pain, the causes and a list of safe exercises you could do to reduce your symptoms. Alternatively the exercise4weightloss website offers diagrams of lower back exercises.

What organs cause pain in right lumbar region?

Right lumbar is the right side of your lower back. Could be your right kidney.

What could cause pain and numbness in lower back of head and left side of head and face?

Nerve pain and problems with the cervical spine. You may have herniated discs in the cervical spine causing nerve damage.

Unfavorable ankylosis of the entire thoracolumbar spine?

Unfavorable ankylosis of the thoracolumbar spine means that your posture is in an unnatural position stemming from your middle, lower back. This could mean that you are stuck in a hunched or side leaning position.

Does pregnancy cause lower back pain?

You have the baby in the womb of the mother. To balance the weight, she has to remain tilted on the backside. This produce the abnormal position of the spine and strains the ligaments of the spine. So she gets the lower back pain.