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What could a lump on your sphincter be?


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If it's the anal sphincter your talking about, it could be the beginning of hemorrhoids or it could be an abcess at the area of an anal fistula. Better get that checked out by a doctor.


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AnswerIf you found a lump on your breast, it could be cancer.

If you have a lump on your back you could have cancer. You should get this checked out by a doctor immediately.

There are many things that could cause a lump behind the eye such as cancer. Infection could also cause a lump.

i have a lump right below my left elbow. what could this be?

a clump or a lump? a lump could be an ingrown hair

You didn't mention where the lump was. However, ANY LUMP should be checked out by your doctor. See your doctor as soon as possible. It may have nothing to do with the lump and you could have just picked up a virus or it could be a medication you are on.

There could be many reasons why a person would have a lump on the buttocks. The lump could be a cyst, keratoacanthomas, or a neurofibromas. A doctor will need to be consulted to find the exact cause.

If it is soft it could be a fatty lump. The best thing to do is go to the doctors :)

It is the sphincter that controls the release of bile and pancreatic enzymes into the duodenum. Its 3 components are the sphincter choledochus, papillary sphincter, and pancreatic sphincter.

fatty lump on tissue near kidney

If there is a hard lump on someoneâ??s clavicle, it could be a type of cyst. It could also be a broken collarbone.

There is always a chance that it could be cancerous. You should have the lump looked at by your physician as soon as possible.Ê

I found a lump in my sons face, on his jaw on the right side, and the lump moves, and it is the size of a marble. What could this be.

A lump under your breast is a warning that you need to see your doctor. Even if you are a man, a lump could still be cancer.

A lump on the skin could mean a variety of things. It could be a spot, a wart, a cyst or a variety of other things. If you have a lump in your skin, the best person to see in your GP, who will then refer you on to a dermatologist if need be.

Any lump (painless or not) is cause for concern. I would get it checked out, it may be nothing....but it could be something serious, you should get it checked early. It could be something as innocous as harmless skin lump or it could be something more, go to the doctor to be checked out.

cardiac sphincter; or gastroesophageal sphincter; or lower esophageal sphincter (LES); or esophageal sphincter from

A sphincter called the cardiac sphincter also referred to as the lower esophageal sphincter (LES). Some scientists feel that the cardiac sphincter is not a true sphincter valve.

A sphincter is a ring of muscle which surrounds an opening of the body, which constricts and relaxes as required for usual bodily functioning.There are various types of bodily sphincter, such as the pupillary sphincter of the eye, the oesophageal sphincter, the urethral sphincter, and two anal sphincters.

It could be a fatty lump, or the hamster could have bumped and hurt itself. All lumps are not cancerous. However, please take your hamster to the vet to be sure. The vet can tell by feeling the lump if it is fatty tissue. Good Luck

External urethral sphincter the involuntary/autonomic would therefore be the internal urethral sphincter. Hope that helped!

Upper Esophageal sphincterLower Esophageal sphincterPyloric sphincter (Located at the junction between the stomach and the small intestine)Ileocecal sphincterInternal anal sphincterExternal anal sphincterI was always taught1. Cardiac sphincter2. Pyloric sphincter3. Hepatopancreatic sphincter4. Ileocaecal5. Internal anal6. External anal

It could be a polyp, anal skin tag or a pile lump. It needs to be checked by your Doctor.

A lump in your foot could be soft tissue swelling, a bony problem or a skin problem.

cardiac sphincter/lower esophageal sphincter (LES)

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