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What could a movable lump under the left side of your jaw be about the size of a walnut?

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It could be a cyst. You should see a doctor to be sure though. Good luck and God Bless:)

2009-06-11 16:54:56
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Could smoking be the cause of my pain under the left side under rib cage?

It might be. Actually there are lots of disease you can get from smoking.

What could be causing pain under left breast and neck?

there could be something wrong with your heart, you should go see a doctor

What could the shooting pain under the left rib and my left side be?

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Could simply be gas.

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A lump under your breast is a warning that you need to see your doctor. Even if you are a man, a lump could still be cancer.

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What could cause pain in the left side under the ribs when taking a deep breath?

you need to see your doctor about this.

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It could be Thoracic spinal stenosis, a broken or fractured rib, pulmonary embolism, a muscle strain, osteromyelitis or shingles.

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