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You need to go to a doctor.

2006-07-26 14:14:06
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What causes mass movement?

Gravity causes Mass Movement.

what causes you to have a short bowel movement?

what causes your bowel movement to be short in length

What causes mass movement to occur?

Gravity causes mass movement to occur. Mass movement can be rapid or slow.

What is is it called when plate movement causes rocks to break?

When plate movement causes rocks to break it is call an earthquake.

What causes the sand dunes to move?

The wind causes movement

What causes the movement of water in plants?


What causes the noise of earthquakes?

The movement

What causes computer program bugs?

Many causes, but not limited to human error.

Which kind of movement of the earth causes day and night?

The movement of Earth on its own axis is called Rotation and it causes day and night.

What movement does mantle convection currents cause?

They cause plate movement. The plate movement then causes an earthquake.

What causes population to compete?

Limited resources

What causes populations to compete?

Limited resources

What causes the movement of tides?

The movement of tides is caused by the moon's gravitational force.

Is gravity a type of mass movement?

actually gravity causes mass movement

How are electricity and magnetism connected?

The movement of electricity (electrons) along a wire causes a magnetic field. The movement of a wire in a magnetic field causes movement of electrons along the wire (electricity).

What activity in the magma causes crustal plate movement?

convection currents. Causes the magma to move the earths crust creating plate movement.

What causes bursitis patients to feel pain?

Inflammation causes pain on movement.

What movement is happening in the bottom of the pacific ocean?

the movement in the plate tectonics causes the movement at the bottom of the pacific ocean

What causes electric current?

the movement of electrons.

What is the force causes mass movement?


What Are The Causes Of Mass Movement?

Gravity, honey. : )

What causes glacial movement?

pressure, and gravity

Which type of movement causes a year?


What causes the movement of plates?

colliding plates and

What are the causes of latur earthquake?

plate movement