What could a rash be on the inner right thigh that has dry patchy skin with little red bumps and itches?

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I normally get that on my thighs in the winter time, but I just put moisturizer on it and it went away the next day. It's probably just dry skin. just got one myself. very scared.. i seem to get weird symptoms lately of God knows what.  Answer If it is round it could also be ringworm.
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What causes inner thigh rashes?

Sweat rash can be a cause. Use talcum powder between your thighs on hot or humid days. Obese individuals are more inclined to develop rash due to increased friction along the folds of skin. Reducing weight can alleviate rash along with several other health benefits. Wearing proper fitting underga ( Full Answer )

If you have a rash on the inner thigh and it is very itchy irritated and red what can you do?

Given the time of year you posted your question, my guess would bethat your inner thigh rash is most likely heat rash. If you've tried ointments and creams with no success, maybe youshould try powder with corn starch or something like Gold Bondpowder (I'm pretty sure that's the right name) and see i ( Full Answer )

What could cause an itch on the inner left thigh but no visible rash?

It could be irritated skin among other things. The products you currently use to wash you face, cream, shampoo (washes on your face), they could have chemicals in them that are irritating. It could be a reaction to your workplace, foods, products you use.. Usually an itch like this indicates that y ( Full Answer )

What is a rash on the back of the thigh with little bumps?

Answer . If you're using an electric razor they could be ingrown hairs. Maybe you are having an allergic reaction to a type of skin care product you are using on them? A dermatologist would know best.

What could cause a rash and peeling of skin around the inner upper thighs?

I had bright red stripe in the fold of skin between mons and thigh, which appeared two days after I got a wax. It did not itch or burn, but it was BRIGHT RED. It was diagnosed as a candidal skin infection, but as I am allergic to most topical antifungals, I took Fluconazal instead (also called Diflu ( Full Answer )

What is a red rash that is made of slightly raised bumps on your inner thigh and stomach and some on the back of the thigh and arms and what can be done about it?

I dont know but ihave the same thing. Its on my inner arms. Im thinking maybe its something related to the heat. I dont know all i know is that its raised and itchy and seems to worse when i sweat.. Answer . I have recently discovered that problem too many on my right thigh and a few on left lef ( Full Answer )

What is a rash that you've had about 1 year on the left and right sides of your inner thighs that looks like white circles -dots in rows- and could it be syphilis or HIV or jock itch?

Answer . It wouldn't be syphillis or HIV. Syphillis causes a small sore that goes away after a couple of weeks. It will cause another rash within a couple of months or more, that is dark and round - usually on the plams of your hands or the bottoms of your feet. I can't think of anything having t ( Full Answer )

What are single raised bumps that itch on the inner thigh and groin underneath the breast?

\n. \n little red bumps under breast \n. \n. \nHi,\nLast week under my left breast I have little red bumps that itch and appear to be spreading. I have used cortisone as well as benadryl cream. They seemed to stop spreading, but now they have returned. Do you know what it might be.\nlm\n. ( Full Answer )

What could a painful red rash on the inside of both thighs be?

Answer . Try jock itch cream. I had something similair and struggled for a year trying different things because it was too embarrassing to talk to a doctor about. After a few days of using the JI cream it went away and hasn't returned.

What is a rash on your back neck chest and hands that is red when scratched but otherwise just risen bumps and they itch a little and spread daily?

Answer . \nIf the symptoms include patches with oozing or weeping blisters that itch continuously it may be poison ivy which is a skin rash that can be treated by rubbing alcohol to dry the weeping blisters and applying calamine lotion or benedryl cream to the skin as well as taking benedryl tab ( Full Answer )

What could a rash be on your upper inner thigh that has been there a month and looks like ringworm and is light brown with red bumps?

Answer . You should go to your doctor to make sure that it is not ringworm that has spread. They see these things all the time so don't feel weird going to your doctor. The only way that you can get rid of ringworm is with a medicated cream or a pill. Good luck:). answer 2:. you probably should ( Full Answer )

What could a red rash with little bumps around the genital area be?

Answer . Hi there :-)\n. \nBased on what you said, this could be several things:\n. \n . A allergic reaction to your washing product. In this case apply cream which is used to treat Eczema such as Sudocrem or Canisten, Daktacort if the rash is weeping or scabby. \n . \n . Shaving your geni ( Full Answer )

What causes the little red itchy bumps that appear on your neck back legs stomach and inner thighs?

Answer . Sounds like you have an allergy to something so keep a log of what you eat and it could be hives. If it's starting to burn/itch and getting worse (starting to fill with fluid) you could have the start of shingles. Shingles usually follow nerves (it will look like a red, blistered line). ( Full Answer )

Why would you have raised skin on your inner thigh in the form of a circle and it itches?

Answer to your itchy skin circle . \nSounds to me like you have ring worm!\n. \nRingworm is a contagious fungus infection that can affect the scalp, the body (particularly the groin), the feet, and the nails. Despite its name, it has nothing to do with worms. The name comes from the characterist ( Full Answer )

What is a red rash on the arms torso and thighs that does not itch and has no accompanying fever?

I doubt you have syphilis but see below. More likely you are experiencing an allergy or contact dermatitis - the soap you wash your clothes or sheets with can affect all the areas you mention. About Syphilis: Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a germ called Treponema pallid ( Full Answer )

What is the treatment for the rashes on the inner thighs?

the treatment for a rash on your innr thighs is to clen it good, never scrath, mabey rub some cocoa butter on it. if it does not go away soon i suggest you go to a doctor and try not to ge it again

What kind of rash is it when you see small bumps and you itch so bad that you could claw your skin off?

Or it could be hives or heat rash ..I would see a Doctor ...do not scratch it If the rash is localised to a specific area, it could be irritant contact eczema - which means avoid the irritant ie. washing detergents or cleaning agents. You will normally get redness + the small bumps. If the ras ( Full Answer )

What is the rash when its red skin with small white bumps in?

A red penis rash with bumps can be the sign of dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, or balantis, a condition where uncircumcised men experience foreskin swelling. A red rash can be healed by supplying the penis with essential vitamins, such as Vitamin A, C, D, and E and Shea Butter, all natural healers ( Full Answer )

You have a rash on your inner thigh is it herpes?

A herpes rash consists of painful and/or itchy blisters, pimples or sores in a small group. A rash on your inner thigh could be herpes. If you think it's possible, get an exam as soon as you can.

Does a red rash on your inner thigh mean you have a disease?

There can be any number of factors that could cause a rash, very few mean you have a disease. My answer would be to go to www.medicinenet.com for answers if you are unable to afford a doctor visit. My guess would be an insect bite or an irritation to soap or detergent of some kind.

What is a red rash on your skin its not bumpy and it does not itch?

No member of this site can diagnose illness or conditions of another member. Nor should we. Advice at best can only be general and at worst may be detrimental. If you are concerned about any such a problem then you should seek local expert medical advice.

How do you treat a full skin rash with red swollen bumps?

Proper treatment for any rash is to identify the source. You may have been bitten, in contact with an allergen, having an allergic reaction to a medication, in contact with a poisonous plant, etc. You should not touch the area without gloves on. Never ever touch the rash with bare hands, as you m ( Full Answer )