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Hi there :-) Based on what you said, this could be several things: * A allergic reaction to your washing product. In this case apply cream which is used to treat Eczema such as Sudocrem or Canisten, Daktacort if the rash is weeping or scabby. * Shaving your genital area can cause a red, pimply rash that is very obvious around the hair line of your genitals. This needs to be treated with the cream I mentioned above, or apply cold water if it becomes hot/burning or alternatively you can leave it alone and treat it with nothing and it will clear up in a few days. * If you have had unprotected sex with someone then this could also be a STD such as herpes or genital warts. If this is the case then see your doctor for a STD SWAB test. All the best. Trisha x

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You have bumps around your rectum and vagina what is it?

it could be genital warts

Non-painful bumps around genital area?

could be genital warts caused by HPV

Can an STD cause sore bumps?

If it is a STD, it could be herpes or genital warts.

What could cause bumps on the head of penis?

Herpes, genital warts, mosquitos, other STIs

Your cat has a cluster of little bumps under both armpits what could it be?

The cluster of little bumps under both your cat's armpits could be a heat rash. A little antibacterial cream might heal the bumps.

What are the small hard bumps in groin area?

There is a chance it could be genital warts caused by an HPV infection.

Why do i have small bumps on my penis That are kinda like small pimples?

If you have small bumps on your penis that are like pimples, it could be genital warts or another sexually transmitted disease.

What causes itching bleeding bumps around the urethra and genital area?

It could possibly be herpes. Those usually itch, and if irritated, bleed. You should definitely have this checked by your doctor.

What are the little bumps on my skin called?

it very well could be exima or goose bumps i am pritty sure

You have little zit like bumps around your bikini line where you shaved what could it be?

It could possible be razor burn, or some ongrown hairs, a lot of women get these after shaving, Put lotion on the bumps and sometime they will go away.

Can you have bumps on your penis without having an STD?

Bumps on the penis could be a normal variant (e.g. fordyce spots, pearly penile papules), a noninfectious dermatologic problem (e.g. folliculitis), a reaction to chemical or mechanical irritation (e.g. shaving bumps --a particular type of folliculitis, or irritant dermatitis), genital warts, molluscum, genital herpes.

You have little bumps under the skin could they be fat nodes?

Yes, they can be, especially if they are soft and can be moved around a bit, they are called lipomas.

Do little red bumps on the back of your throat mean you have strep?

Strep is usually white bumps, but could be something else. If the bumps persist, see your doctor.

What are little red itchy bumps at outside corners of eyes?

There are several conditions that could cause itchy red bumps around the eyes. They include acne, dermatitis, keatosis pilaris, styes and rosacea.

I have Little black bumps on vagina does anyone know what the are?

it could be blackheads

Bumps in the inside of your vagina lip what wrong?

It could be a STD (Herpes or Genital Warts) or it may be something else. A trip to the doctor is necessary.

What are the little bumps on my cats neck?

the bumps could be a mild disease or places where fleas have bitten the cat. Oh it could also be where you cat has gotten in a fight.

What are the little red bumps on your dog?

It is best to take a dog to the vet and to get the bumps looked at. While they maybe a rash they could be tumors.

What could be clusters of little white bumps on all corners of mouth be?


What can cause tiny bumps on your labia that do not hurt or itch?

Tiny bumps on your labia that don't hurt or itch could be Fordyce spots, which are normal, or genital warts. See your health care provider for an exam if you are at risk for STDs.

Are all bumps on your penis caused by herpes?

No, most bumps on the penis are not caused by herpes. Bumps on the penis could also be normal skin (e.g. Fordyce spots, pearly penile papules), genital warts, ingrown hairs, bumps from contact dermatitis, and a host of other causes. If you have a new bump on your penis, get it checked out.

What can cause little white bumps on your penis?

It depends on what they look like, if they are flat on top, they could be HPV, otherwise know as genital warts. If they fester into sores then it could be Herpes. Either way DO NOT have sex with anyone until you consult a physician. There are free clinics almost anywhere you go.

What diseases could you have if you have little bumps on penis and genitals?

every body has them its like poors

What would cause bumps on your neck after a massage?

If they are little bumps, perhaps you have an allergy to the oils/scents used to massage you. Also the bumps could be white-heads caused by the oil clogging your pores.

Why are there little bumps on my arm?

There are several reasons for bumps on your arm.You could be looking at goose bumps.You could have infected or ingrown hair follicles.You could have insect or mite bites.Or it could be something else. The best thing to do is ask your primary physician so that he can make an educated decision and settle your mind.