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well i have a bump on the side of my head and hurts when you touch it my doctor said it waas a sist

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Does it hurt when you have the HPV jab?

it hurts so much if you have it hurts after it is done 4 2 weeks

What could be wrong if you are 30 weeks pregnant and when you cough your left side of your stomach hurts?

You could be having placenta problems, you should contact a doctor and ask for an ultrasound.

Can you touch baby hamsters when they are 2 weeks old?

you can touch the babies after 2 weeks and a half

Should you touch a puppie directly after birth?

No, because the mother might bite you and you could infect the puppy and kill it. You should only touch them when the mother isn't there and when they are about three weeks old

Should you still be in pain 3 weeks after hernia Surgery?

i had mine 3 weeks ago today and it still hurts

Can you touch baby mice at two weeks old?

just to be safe i wouldent touch it. i would wait till its 5 weeks old

When can I touch my cats kittens?

after about 2 weeks you can pet them with one finger (or 2 small ones) and when they are able to walk ( or crawl really well) you can hold them

Your gums are red and your bottom lip is sore hurts to eat or touch what causes it?

When your gums are red and it's hard to swallow and eat, you may be suffering from mouth sores. These sores can last from 14 days to six weeks.

You had your period two weeks ago but you just started having cramps and ive been moody and not wanting to have sex and it hurts when i have sex what could be wrong?

Well, I don't know much about sex but I do know that you could be pregnet or your period might not have fully regulated. In other words you could have your period for 2 weeks in a row or every 2 weeks. What I would do is go to the doctor and I think you should too.

If a caterpillar has been in its cocoon for more than a week could it be dead?

no. just dont touch it, it will live. it usually takes up to 3 weeks for certain catapillers. others it might take 2 weeks.

How long before you can touch the hamster's babies?

You can touch them as much as you like when they are AT LEAST three weeks old.

Can you touch teddy hamsters babiesat 2 weeks old?

Most baby hamsters are able to be touched at 2 weeks old. If you touch them when they are younger the mom might eat them.

Can you touch baby mice after 2 weeks?

Yes. You could actually touch them 24 hours after they are born if the mouse knows your scent, either way i would recommend to touch them all so they all smell the same, if you only touch one or not touch one the mother will prob push the baby that doesnt smell the same out of the nest. good luck

How long does a new eyebrow piercing hurt for?

A new eyebrow piercing hurts for about 1-2 weeks and it takes 6-8 weeks to heal completely.

Can you touch newborn mice?

in about 5 weeks old from birth

How long before you can touch a newborn hamster?

You take them out when they are covered in fur or at 4 weeks . Then you can touch them and separate them by gender

How long does it take to touch newborn puppies?

They are extremely toxic, do not touch them until 23 1/8 weeks.

You are about two weeks late on your menstrual cycle and have a discharge and if you feel the slightest bit hungry it hurts and you feel hungry more often what could this be?

You could be hungry But sometimes people feel hungry is because they took it AFTER they ate something. or it could be something that you ate in that day you took the Aderall.

How long is gerbil pregnancy?

4-5 weeks do not touch the baby until 10-12 weeks though

What is the pink lite red watery discharge two weeks before my period?

This could be a small amount of bleeding - talk to your doctor.

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