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What could a small hard lump be on the back of a 16-year-old's head?

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It could be a growth, so you ought to see a doctor about it.

2006-08-06 02:33:35
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What is a small hard lump on the back of your head?

your skull or a rising

What could a small hard bump with a scab be on your head?

a penis

Hard lump on back of neck?

If you have a hard lump on the back of your neck, it could be a cyst. It could also be a form of a boil. If it does not go away, you should have it checked out by a physician.

I have a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of my back what could this be?

There are many different things that a hard boil type knot with no core on the lower part of the back could be. It could be infection.

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What could a hard immoveable lump on the deltoid be?

You may have torn a small amount of muscle and this could be the result.

Is a small hard lump on the back of your head normal?

A small hard lump on the back of your head is not normal for you if it was not there before. You may have hit your head, or it may be an inflamed lymph node. Seek the help of a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.

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What could a hard movable half dollar size lump be on the right side of your spine located at the small of the back?

that sounds like a cist. and it will get begger in time. see a doctor.

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What are the small hard bumps in groin area?

There is a chance it could be genital warts caused by an HPV infection.

What could be a small painless hard veinless lump between pubic and left thigh be?

...many things

What could A small hard pea sized lump that appeared suddenly under your skin near your lower right rib?

This could be a lymph node and if its hard and non tender, it should be evaluated by a physician.

What could be a small group of tiny blistersno itchy and seeem to hard on your 2 year old boy?

could be viral.....molloscum contagiosoum causes small hard blisters, usually described as pearly or filled with a waxy or cheesy substance. very common in children, or could be a herpes virus.. seek medical advice!

What could one small hard lump and one bigger swollen area above on the right side back of the head be?

could be anything from stress bumps but i don't think it sounds like it it may be fluid build up or a tumor call you doctor asap

Can you be paralyzed by being hit in the back hard enough?

Yes, your back has something called a cerebral cord.It is connected to your brain, and can lead to paralysis if you get hit in the back hard enough. It could be injured and you will need immediate medical attention.~ Anonymous

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What is it if you have a small hard painful red bump on your underarm?

If you shave your underarm, it could be ingrown hairs that got infected.

What could a small hard bump inside the skin of the outer nostril be?

i have one tooo yay! woop woop

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What could a hard bump inside the nostril relatively deep back be What caused it and can it be healed?

If the bump is very small it could well be an ingrown hair and it's not uncommon. However, if it feels larger you should see your doctor and be sure you don't have cysts growing in the nasal cavity.

What could a hard lump on the back of your left leg be?

Depending on how big it is, it could be a bug bite. It could possibly be a spider bite. Definitely stay on it. And find out more.

What could a 4 inch wide hard lump under the skin in the back of your neck be?

A cyst or a mass