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You got two axles and the rear end gear box in the middle. Now where is your leak? There aren't any more service stations that do service work. The seal or gasket is bad. They gonna tell you $600 dollars.

2006-07-28 00:15:38
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your wheel bearings could be going out or already bad. I think it means to take your vehicle into a service station and have your traction control system looked at/repaired

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Water dripping on the front of a portable air conditioner could mean that the air filter needs to be changed. Your evaporator coil may also be dirty.

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Depends where you're from, but if you contact a real estate agent, they can organise it for you. You could also go onto the internet and Google real estate agents who have service stations listed in Queensland

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Why does a Daewoo Lanos rev high when warm and engine check light come on?

Firstly you need to identify the trouble code. Your local service station should have the equipment to do this. (They MAY charge you). You could rent or borrow a SCAN TOOL from your friendly Auto Parts Store. The scan tool will provide you with the trouble code and report what is causing the problem.

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