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Pains in you abdomen are common in pregnancy. I am a mother of four healthy beautifu children... but carrying theM was painful! As your stomach begins to expand and stretch to accomodate the little person inside of you, your own muscles are being stretched beyond their limits. this can be painful. If you are still concerned talk to your doctor

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Q: What could be a pain in your right abdominal lower side if you are pregnant?
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Can stress cause lower abdominal pain?

so yes, stress can cause lower abdominal pain on the right or the left stress caused me to have pain on the lower left abdominal it could be the stress or gas that causes the pain

What causes lower back pain and lower abdominal pain across whole lower back whole lower abdominal area but worse on the right side of both?

could be related to a urinary tract infection.

Can stress cause Abdominal pain?

so yes, stress can cause lower abdominal pain on the right or the left stress caused me to have pain on the lower left abdominal it could be the stress or gas that causes the pain

Lying down causes pain in lower right abdominal?

If lying down causes you pain over your lower right abdominal area, you may have something wrong with your appendix. This could also mean there is a problem with an ovary, if you are a woman.

Which abdominal region is covered by the lower ribs?

The right and left hypochondriac abdominal regions are covered by the lower ribs.

Cause of lower right abdominal pain?

could be appendix or obstruction or pulled muscle - SEE A DOCTOR

Pain in the lower right abdominal area is described as being in the right?

In the right lower quadrant (RLQ)

If you pain on you the right side of your abdominal what could it be?

Inflammation of the bowel may cause pain in your lower right abdomen, but then, it could be other things as well. Best to check with a doctor.

What organs are found in the right lower quadrant of the abdominal region?

The right lower quadrant contains the intestines and, in females, the right ovary.

Pain in right lower abdomin?

probably abdominal cancer.

What disorder would be in the lower right abdominal quadrant?


What could cause a sharp shooting pain in the lower right abdominal shooting upwards?

Falling on an icepick or being shot or appendicitis

What abdominal organs might produce Right Lower Quadrant pain?

Lower right pain is commonly associated with appendicitis.

Why do I have pain in my lower right abdomen and the doctors are telling me that nothing is wrong?

Lower right abdominal pain is a sign of an appendicitis or a problem with the intestines. It can also be due to an injury to the abdominal muscles in that area.

What could it be when you have sharp gradual pain in your lower right abdomen and back you have a UTI is it related to that or could it be something else?

The most common cause of lower abdominal pain is kidney stones; always check for that first. But many things can cause abdominal pain. If it persists, see your doctor.

What causes pain in the low back and abdominal area but worse on the right side of both and with swelling?

abdominal pain lower right side and in low back diganois could be related to a urinary tract infection.Referring to the abdominal cavities, where the Ab muscles are, around the region where the colon and stuff is

What are the nine abdominal regions and four abdominal quadrants?

The four abdominal areas are right upper quadrant, right lower quadrant and left upper quadrant, left lower quadrant The nine areas are right and left hypochondric and epigastric. the next line is left and right lumbar and umbilical and the final line is left and right Iiliac and the hypogastric.

The right lower abdominal quadrant can be described as being in what region?

Iliac region

Does the abdominal quadrants include right left upper lower?

Yes, the abdomen is divided for further study into 4 quadrants Right upper, left upper, right lower, and left lower

I am Pregnant and i have a pain on my right hand side lower stomach what could this be?

the baby is probobly kicking there or ask your docter.

What can cause right lower abdominal pain when doing reverse crunches?

Improper breathing throughout the reverse crunches can cause abdominal pain. Lower abdominal pain may also be caused by the exercise itself, which works the lower abdomen. Pain on the right side of the abdomen can also be a symptom of appendicitis, so you should see a doctor if it persists.

Lower back and abdominal pain on right side?

side of stoiamach try dantine

What quadrant is the appendix in?

the lower quadrant !More specifically, the RIGHT lower quadrant. If using the "Nine Abdominal Regions" reference zones, the appendix sits in the Right Iliac or Inguinal Region.Right lower quadrant.

When there is pain in your right side what could be the cause?

If the pain is in the lower abdominal area on the right side, it could indicate appendicitis. It could also indicate an ovarian cyst (pain on either side - not just the right). If you have fever, or if the pain persists, you need to get to a doctor right away, especially if you start vomiting.

Could you be pregnant if you have pains right below your belly button?

Yes you could. That is what happend to my mom. She felt kicks in her lower stomach and went to the hospital.